Daddy Suck-it

Yep…that phrase came out of my three-year old’s mouth last night.  The conversation essentially went as follows:

scene:  Colleen, Gavin, and Cooper are in Colleen’s car pulling into the garage.  Colleen is sending up prayers of thanks because the electricity is back on (she received a call earlier stating the whole neighborhood had lost power but thanks to experts who had electrical training, it was back in no time). 

Gavin:  where Daddy’s truck?  Daddy’s truck all gone!  Daddy not here!

Me:  yep, Daddy is all gone.  Daddy’s truck is gone.  Daddy is not here.  But we have lights!

Gavin:  Daddy not here!

Me:  you’re right, Big Guy, Daddy is not here.  Daddy is in Suffolk.  Can you say “Suffolk”? 

Gavin: Daddy suck-it.

Me:  HEH!!!!  um.  yeah.  Good job, Gavin.

(for those who may not be aware, the city of Suffolk, VA, is pronounced suff-fick)

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