Thirteen Things I Would Like for Christmas

Okay, this is in no way to make my husband, parents, or other loved ones feel bad about any shopping they’ve already done…I’m just wishing…and may be wishing for many of these for many many years.

  1. a few bottles of the champagne that we had a few days after Cooper was born…I have NO idea what it was, since I was well medicated and sleep deprived, but it was one of the best I’ve ever had…ever (Justin, you just may need to consider this for my b-day in January since I know you’re already done shopping for me for Christmas)
  2. a 2-hour massage…with the sleep deprivation and back-to-back illnesses these lovely children have been sharing with me, I could use a good, long back rub, with the permission to pass out immediately afterwards
  3. my credit card company’s computers to blow up and lose all record of the total amount I owe them
  4. a new car…considering a Hyundai Tuscon or something else with a spectacular warranty since I do not have any luck with cars
  5. longer vacation time from work to visit family that I miss…and who haven’t gotten a chance to meet Cooper, or even Gavin, for that matter
  6. two or three straight nights of good, restful sleep…no kids, no cats, no dogs…maybe no husband (although he bothers me the least, except when he snores)
  7. homemade chex mix…I’m totally NOT kidding…I’ve been jonesing for it for a few weeks now and am too lazy (and busy!) to make my own and the premade stuff is just not that good
  8. a shorter commute…whether because I have a new job, or traffic lightens up, I don’t care…I am just REALLY tired of being in my car nearly 3 hours a day (and I’m kind of annoyed at myself when I snarl at people who complain about being in the car for 30 minutes for their commute)
  9. a relaxing trip with my husband to wineries in California…Napa Valley, Sonoma, doesn’t matter…just would like to drink wine with my husband like adults
  10. new carpet for my family room and upstairs hallway, although I’d be happy with a good old fashioned (free) steam-cleaning, eh Stanley Steemer?
  11. A month’s reprieve from litterbox duty.  Even when I was pregnant, I would suit up and scoop out.  So…a month off and meanwhile someone else will lovingly clean the litterboxes instead.
  12. a fantastic steak dinner with a wonderful caesar salad and wine
  13. more time with my husband and kids


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What a creative list! I love your last one about more time with your family…it’s always the thing we get least!

Madame Queen

I’m with you on the massage. My problem with massages is that you always have to get up and leave. I would love to have one where I could just fall asleep afterward!

The wine trip sounds awesome, too!


When you find somewhere that gives 2-hor massages at a reasonable rate, please share it with the rest of us. And yes, the passing out afterwards bit is essential. Who wants to ruin it by having to get up, get dressed, and drive home?

Shout Out | Wine Please

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