Merry Belated Christmas and such!

We had a lovely Christmas this year, particularly since this was Cooper’s first Christmas! If you are not blinded by the glare from my shiny non-washed forehead, you will see that Cooper is developing a hatred of clothes as presents and his sibling rivalry with Gavin:

Cooper hates PJs

Cooper: What? Pajamas?…for Christmas?
Gavin: nice ‘jamas Cooper! Ha ha!

Cooper and Gavin Santa Gifts

Gavin: wow, Santa sure uses a lot of tape!
Cooper: man! Gavin’s present is WAY cooler than mine!

All kidding aside, though, it was very nice. And for the first time in a few years, we actually had other people to spend it with. Our friends Eric and Andrea, their son, Peyton, and Eric’s dad, Scott, came by to have dinner and hang out. And they obviously all had a death wish because we cooked a Lithuanian dish, Vitinnis (it wasn’t like I sprung it on them…they knew what was being cooked and they STILL came over…even after I mentioned that my homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover massive coronaries brought on by my cooking).

But the vitinnis were good (we tried to up the health factor by using whole wheat flour, light sour cream, and low sodium bacon), the salad we had to off-set the sludge in our arteries was tasty, I think the appetizers were good, since I didn’t get any, and the pumpkin pie and sugar cookies were excellent! In fact, I still haven’t stopped eating the pie or cookies (or vitinnis…crikey, we were dumb and made it with 3 lbs of meat instead of halving the recipe!). I just got back down to my pre-pregnancy weight, but I think that’s probably blown out of the water by now! Ha ha!

Well, I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas as well, and hopefully I’ll post again before New Years…if not, have a safe and Happy New Year!

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You’re such a YOUNG mother! I’m looking at the pictures thinking, “Oh how cute! The baby is sitting in his big sister’s lap while she helps him open presents!” when you mention your shiny forehead. Even then I think, “What? How does the flash reflect off her forehead when she’s behind the camera?” Doh!


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