The Sweetest Thing

The other week when I was dropping off Cooper at daycare, his teachers were telling me about how Gavin was in the playground and went up to the window of Cooper’s classroom.  I guess he does this nearly every day and they always bring Cooper to the window so that my boys can see each other and laugh at each other.  Well, the other day when Gavin came up to the window, Cooper was sleeping so his teachers told Gavin that Cooper couldn’t come to the window because he was sleeping.  Gavin was so broken-hearted that he burst into tears, crying “I *sob* Need *sob* To *sniff* See *sob* Cooooooopppuuuh!”

As if my kids just couldn’t melt my heart more!

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Madame Queen

That’s soooo sweet. When Punkin first started at Bubba’s daycare, she would cry and want to go with him every time she saw him. It sounds like your kids are going to be close.


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