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As I suspected, my very minor political article below scared-off readers/commenters…what can I say, politics can be polarizing and most folks don’t like getting into those types of conversations.  Maybe it’s because I live in DC and am constantly surrounded by politics and a lot of super-left liberals that are nearly anti-American and hear Europeans, Mid-Easterners, and Pro-Illegal groups cursing us and our country, but I get really tired of hearing what an awful country we are.  Look at how other countries treat their own people, how much poorer their poor are compared to ours, how little other countries help out other members of the global community, how many countries let you be whomever or whatever you want to be, and then come back and tell me how awful we are.  We are generous to a fault.  Our country is like a Mother…just keeps helping and keeps loving and keeps being there for everyone else, even when met with nasty nay-sayers.  We have some of the biggest hearts and deepest pockets.  To paraphrase Dinesh D’Souza, we’re one of the few countries that after we are at war with a country, actually takes the time and money to help rebuild that same country.  Ask Germany (WWII); ask Iraq and Afghanistan (if you can get past the biased media that selectively overlooks the efforts of our troops to rebuild infrastructure and schools).  Look at all the ways we help other countries with their calamities…sending food and aid to those who’ve suffered earthquakes, tidal waves, landslides, droughts, civil strife, etc.  How many countries have come to our aid when we’ve been struck with similar catastrophes?  And you know what?  We’re still “friends” with all those other countries and we don’t ask for anything in return.

And honestly, how bad can we really be when we have 1.1 million legal immigrants each year from all over the world, an estimated 1million illegal immigrants sneaking in, and millions more that are trying to get here (through legal means or otherwise)?  Think about it.  Then give yourselves great big American hugs. 


By the way, tomorrow Cooper and I are flying out to Chicago to see my family.  I haven’t been in Chicago since last March and haven’t seen any of my family since Cooper’s baptism in September.  Take a peek at see how little he was!  They are all going to be really surprised to see what a huge chunka-munka baby he is now.  Don’t know how much internet time I will have since I won’t have enough hands to carry all my stuff and Cooper and a computer…so you may not hear much from me in terms of reading your posts or creating any more of mine until I return next week.

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Oh my god, those pictures of Cooper are adorable and gorgeous and make me want to have another baby, now. What a fantastic outfit!

I hope my city is good to you. Unfortunately our weather is supposed to turn crappy tomorrow, but maybe you’ll keep the snow away!

jen "the super-left liberal"

Alright, I’ll go a little political. We wouldn’t have to rebuild Iraq if we hadn’t decided to go to war with them in the first place (I’m talking about the second time). The terrorists were from Afghanistan not Iraq. Sure, no one will deny that Huissan was a jerk but it wasn’t our place to impose our democratic ways upon them. You can say that we needed to save those people because he treated them so poorly but if they wanted us there then they wouldn’t be fighting back and killing our soldiers (and in turn, not allowing them to do their jobs of rebuilding infrastructure and schools).

This comment is made in the name of political discourse and not to pick a fight.

Jen T.

Colleen, we can’t wait to meet Cooper! We shall see you this weekend. 🙂


yes, yes…but, we could be like other countries that just come in there, bomb the heck out of them, and leave them to rebuild the pieces of their lives by themselves. But we don’t…we never do…we always help them rebuild.


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