Happy 9 Months, Cooper!

Today Cooper is a whopping 9 months old.  I’m not quite sure how that happened since I just brought him home a week or so ago.  Must be the vitamins these kids take.

(click to enlarge)


wait, what’s my line?


oh yeah…I’m a LION!!!

So in honor of his birthday, we uh, got a sitter and went to a winery.  But that will be a different post.

Now, Cooper is saying na-na, ma-ma, da-da, ba-ba, trills and chirps.  Yesterday I picked him up and he said “ma-ma” while patting me.  I got all teary-eyed.  Then I realized he was still saying ma-ma at the TV ten minutes later…*sigh*.  He also really really loves Elmo.  I mean, I pulled out the Elmo videos when I was home with his sick, feverish behind on Thursday and Friday and he got very excited.  I gave him the Elmo boat while in the bathtub and he got all excited.  I think we’re on the path to an Elmo-themed birthday party.

He’s also scootching along the floor on his butt…he still hasn’t quite figured out how to get his knees up under him and any attempts on his belly have him commando-crawling backwards away from what he’s trying to get, which aggravates him and amuses us.  He’s usually attempting to get one of Gavin’s toys and even though he’s moving away from the toys, Gavin still panics.  Although today, we caught Cooper with one of the dogs’ rawhides laying on his back chewing away while Gavin played with his non-Cooper-approved toys just out of reach.  I suspect that Cooper didn’t just discover that rawhide on his own and had a little help from his big brother.  At least Gavin didn’t kick him this time.

cooper-gavin-04.12.08 cool_cooper gavin-regression

After dinner, we went to Pickle Bob’s to get some ice cream.  Turns out that Justin has been holding out on me (his gym is a few doors down)…they have AUTHENTIC CHICAGO HOT DOGS THERE!!!!!  Ohmigosh, if they weren’t already closed, I’d sneak back now and go get me one…nom nom nom…*drool*.  But anyways, we went there and got ice cream (although actually I got a small scoop of their freshly made sugar-free chocolate gelato…very very tasty).  Since mine was sugar-free, I figured I’d share a little with the birthday boy:


yum…can I have some more?


I said MORE, woman!!!


that’s better…


now I’m going to try this table….mmmmmmmm

(no, seriously, we couldn’t keep him from eating the stinkin’ table!)

gavin-icecream-1  gavin-icecream-2

Big Brother Gavin eating his ice cream.

After finishing our frozen treats, we went to the other half of the store to the Bear Mill, where they have a build-a-stuffed-animal set-up.  TONS of animals to choose from, in 8″ or 15″, and a bazillion matching outfits.  Very fun, very cute, though  seemed a little on the pricey side (although I have NO clue how much other build-a-friend places charge…guess I should do some price comparisons, eh?…especially since Gavin went straight to the adorable giraffe, and the turtle, and the frog, and the dragon, and, well, you get the point).  But it’s a very neat little shop and I look forward to going back…if nothing else, for a Chicago dog for me.

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Happy 9-month birthday Cooper!! It’s amazing how close in age our boys are. I love the picture of him in the lion towel — too cute!!

And I’m glad his parents got out for some fun 🙂

Burgh Baby

Happy 9 months, Cooper!

Both build-a-friend places are gigantic vacuums for your wallet. It’s impossible to get out of there without feeling like you could have gone to Disney World for what you just spent on a pile of fluff that your kid will disregard immediately upon getting into the car.


I got the Lion towel (and we have a duck towel, too) from Target! I bought them shortly after Cooper was born…I think they also had a pink bunny towel. They were $10 for the toddler towels…I didn’t even bother looking at the baby towel versions.
BBM–yeah, I looked at a competitor and even though it’s a little less, by the time I drive out there, I’d break even (or spend more). Plus, the price I’d pay to only drive 1 mile versus 20+ in this traffic is worth it.


My girls loved Elmo too! One of them called him “Melmo” for quite some time! Love that Cooper was chewing quite happily on rawhide! So funny!


LSHM–I can’t recall her name, but I could recognize her…we’ve been watching Noggin and Sprout for nearly 4 years, cuz I’m just that stellar of a parent.
CapeCod–Gavin only started calling him Elmo less than a year ago…he was previously called Melmo, too!


9 months . . . wow! What a cutie pie! J is doing the backward crawling thing as well. Hilarious! He has no idea who Elmo is, so I think he is due for an introduction . . .

Happy 9 months to Cooper!!!


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