Seven Years Ago, Today…A Story in Pictures

Getting into the limo…what you can’t see is the nearly 1 bottle of champagne in my belly to keep my nerves down! (and see, I was nice about the bridesmaid dresses, too…just *snip-snip* and viola! sundress!)

In the reception line.

The whole daggone wedding party (er, minus the ushers…sorry guys, that photo wasn’t scanned in).

The requisite full-length gown photo.


…in Jill and Dave’s faces instead.

Me praying for Justin to be “nice and clean” since my grandmother had a bad heart and was sitting right behind him.

Wondering how a gigantic pink comb got all up in that dress (see in lower right hand corner)…

…or the crow bar, or the handcuffs…


Happy Seven Years, Honey…I love you!

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Burgh Baby

Can’t comment, must dig out photos. Our dresses were freakily similar. The ribbons down the back are absolutely identical, but I need to check the rest.

Oh, happy anniversary!


I love the Granny Panties! What a fun wedding – I just hate when everything goes by the book. Party on!

And happy anniversary!


Happy Anniversary! I must post . . .

You are way too cute! What an adorable couple.

Now down to business. I don’t get the comb . . . and I love that look on your face in that pic!


You can get such a feel for a couple by their wedding. Looks like you guys had a great time, and that’s a perfect way to start a marriage 🙂


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