Someone is a Moron

and that someone would be me.

Thankfully all of you lovely readers are nice enough to not point out to me yesterday that my title indicated that there might be updates and/or addendums. And really, there weren’t any. But I had every intention, but was dumb and hit “Publish” instead of “Save” and ran out the door to bring the car into the shop. By the time I came back I was so tired, hot (holy crap it was still 90 degrees at 6:30pm!), hungry, and stunned from a near-miss with a potential car repair, that I had forgotten that I didn’t actually finish the post and just went about the rest of my evening. Read comments from folks, replied to some of those comments, all the while completely oblivious of my error. I wasn’t aware until my internet service came back up this afternoon and saw my article on my reader (hatred from Comcast’s ineptitude may or may not be forthcoming. You know, if I remember).

So, now will be your REAL updates and addendums:

First off, I came back from getting the car checked and it is the catalytic converter. Good news is that the issue won’t affect the actual runability of the car…it will keep running. The bad part is that I won’t be able to pass the emissions because the catalytic converter is not getting the correct ration of oxygen to fuel or some mess like that, and is polluting a little more. The worse part is that my emissions is due later this summer and failure to pass means the state won’t renew my plates unless I pay to repair it. The worsest part is that the estimate I got was $700 for repair, which even if it didn’t fully fix the issue, I’d at least get a waiver on my emissions because I spent over $600. Yeah.

So do I get a “pass” now for writing like an idiot? I mean, most of you would probably have a little heart failure, or at least would bat an eyelash at a potential $700 car repair, right?

Well, the garage cleared the error (check-engine light) and did some other diagnostics to make sure there weren’t any other underlying issues. This just seems to be an issue of a 7-1/2 year old car with nearly 100,000 miles on it. He also told me that if the light stays off to still go ahead and try to see if I’d pass the emissions…because if I do, I don’t need to worry about the catalytic converter again for 2 more years. By then we’re hoping to replace it.

More updates….This morning I get up, start getting ready for work, check on Cooper and he still feels feverish. Crap. He had a low temp, but was physically warm enough to alert the teachers in his class if I was so rotten as to bring him in. Crap-crap.

I get out the Elmo videos and some of Cooper’s favorite toys and some of Gavin’s most coveted-from-Cooper toys, start up my work lap-top and can’t.get.on.the.VPN. What? I putz around with a few settings and try again. No dice. Just as I’m about to get beligerant, Justin calls asking if the internet is down because he can’t hit the server. One check of the modem validates our suspicions. Two power-cycles assures us I need to call Comcast. Thirty minutes on hold to talk to one underinformed Comcast rep (albeit he was very nice), two more power-cycles, and a reset confirm that there is an outage in our area. Crap-crap-crap.
However, my rep tells me “for some reason a lot of modems in {my town, my zipcode} are just going ‘offline’.”
Me: “A lot of offline modems in one area sounds like an outage to me.”
Rep: “well, that’s not really an outage.”
Me: “huh. That’s funny. The telecom company I work for usually considers this same sort of situation an outage. Why else would a bunch of random modems in a concentrated area go offline?”
Rep: “well, it’s still not an ‘outage’.”
Me: “ok, whatever. How soon till it’s back up?”
Rep: “we need to dispatch a technician…soonest we can get is Tuesday morning.”
Me: “what? You know it’s Friday, right? I have blogging work to do.”
Rep: “yeah, I know. I’m sorry. You could try calling tomorrow to get an earlier date.”
Me: “why can’t you give it to me now?”
Rep: “well, I just mean there might be an earlier one available tomorrow.”
Me: “that makes no sense. Okay. I’ll call back tomorrow.”

But it came up on it’s own later in the day. Like it has a hundred other times. Stupid Comcast.

On a much more fun update, Marmarbug over at My Life as Momma, gave me this lovely award!!!

Isn’t it cute??? I think I’m going to pass it along to a few folks who I don’t think have gotten it yet…so to Tootsie Farklepants and Precarious Tomato because they both make me laugh till I scream, to Caramama because she’s so open-minded and doesn’t mind my rather conservative leanings in our email discussions, to Burgh for letting me be a PITA and harrass her all the time (or rather, she tolerates me), and to Karen for propositioning me last week…that totally made my summer, lady! Oh, and also to Justin, and not because he’s my husband. But because he found a petition community group on Facebook that is trying to get Facebook to adjust their rules on considering photographs of breastfeeding to be offensive. Apparently 26,000 people have joined. And I might just join Facebook so I can join the petition as well. We’ll see.

By the way…tonight is the last night for the silent auction and fundraiser to support the Victims of the Midwest Floods.

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Tranny Head

Several thoughts:

1. Facebook really thinks breastfeeding is obscene? Pathetic.

2. I think cars purposefully start to fall apart as soon as you pay them off … A fact which makes me nervous as I just made my last payment on mine.

3. Comcast sucks a fat one.

Burgh Baby

You are not a moron. The person who made you recycle your modem that many times is a moron. That is the exact reason I can’t stand Verizon, btw. I went back and forth with customer service for MONTHS, with them always telling me to try powering off the modem. I was all, “DUDE, I work in IT, I tried that like 10 years ago.”

You are awesome. Thanks for the love!


I think you needed that proposition. Your life is falling apart around you! So sorry, but just think in a few weeks you can forget about all that.

Thanks for the love. Pointing out that I proposed to you is, um, yeah.


Cars suck. And have you ever noticed that if it isn;t one thing it’s another. It’s like the universe never wants you to get ahead.


Congrats on your award, and thanks so much for passing it to me!

I hate Comcast. Don’t get me started!

Good luck with the car.


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