It’s Midnight…Do You Know Where Your Cupcakes Are?

Last night, or rather, way early this morning, around midnight, I realized I forgot to make the mini-cupcakes I was planning to bring for Cooper’s class today. I got sucked into Twitter and Plurk for the n’th time this week and totally lost track of time. I figured at midnight that I was actually getting to bed early for the first time all week…but read Burgh Baby Mom’s post about homemade grilled pizza and thought, “OH CRAP!!!!”

I rushed through a few other computer-related things I needed to finish then went nuts.

  • Pre-heated the oven, then saw the fine print on the cake mix indicating non-stick pans needed a lower temp.
  • Mixed the eggs, water, and oil with the Funfetti cake mix by hand even though the mix called for an electric because I was terrified of waking up the whole house with my very noisy hand mixer. And I’m a rebel. No really, I am…went to TF South High School, home of the Rebels!
  • I put the pan of mini-cupcakes in the oven, then realize I have NO idea how long to bake because the mix didn’t have time for mini-cupcakes. So I got to babysit the oven.
  • Got Cooper’s cups of formula made for school while suspiciously eyeballing the rising cupcakes in the oven.
  • Wiped down most of the horizontal surfaces in the kitchen. At least the ones not covered by dirty dishes or mail/papers.
  • Since I got to babysit the oven, the dang timer went off three times and it is louder.than.sin.

I pulled them out and was arranging them in a dish to bring to the daycare when I heard Cooper fuss over the monitor. I froze…it was 12:30am. A minute later when he was done and quiet again, I realized that I had involuntarily hunched down behind the kitchen island and was holding my breath. I wonder what that says about my parenting. I mean, it made sense a few months back when I was putting some folded clothes away in his room and he stirred in his bed, that I dropped to the floor and crawled out of his room on my belly. A little extreme, but not for a mother tired of a baby getting up twice a night (at that point). Now that Cooper has been sleeping through the night since coming home from Chicago, I get a little testy when he rescinds on our agreement. And apparently it triggers some sort of Post Traumatic Stress response, as well.

The fiftieth time I checked on the little buggers…

No, I did not wipe down my stove…thank-you for asking.

YUM! Actually, I didn’t have a single one. And I did not frost them because while I love the teachers at daycare, I know that they stragetically give the kids the sweet treats at the end of the day, right before parents pick them up.

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Burgh Baby

I TOTALLY hide when I hear the Toddler wake up in the middle of the night and I’m still downstairs. I’ll run to turn out the lights and cower down like I’m in a bunker or something. Awesome hiding parents unite!


PTSD – from parenting. Yep, I agree.
Home made treats?! Are you kidding me? Our day cares and schools have NEVER allowed that. Too many whackos out there I suppose. Only store bought, individually wrapped treats for these younguns.


Way to go, throwing those together on the fly like that! Smart to not add the frosting.

I totally get the hiding thing. I’m not yet doing it, but when the baby stirs, hubby and I freeze and don’t move for a minute, even if we are downstairs. I’m sure the next step is hiding. hehe.


Well, aren’t you sweet to be so concerned with all the parents car upholstery like that.
The “military maneuvers you were going through to escape undetected? I bet secret agents have got nothing on a mom who’s trying to keep a baby asleep.

Tranny Head

And that is why I buy pre-made shizzle, man. I’m one lazy hawt mess and frankly have no desire to get into the happy homemaking competition with the other parentals.

Oh – and FYI – Picture People sucked ass. You were totally right – can’t wait to go to Portrait Innovations!


So. funny.

I have to admit, I don’t know you from Adam (or Eve). I think the fastest way I found your blog was through LagLiv, who I found through my sister. But…I have to say, I enjoying reading so much as you usually have me doubled over in laughter! Most times, I end up repeating a funny sentence to whoever will listen.


You didn’t eat even one. Man, you are good. And thanks for the daycare tip . . . evil.

And I can’t lie, I am selectively deaf when J cries. Don’t worry . . . the hubs is on duty.


They look yummy! Have you tried Noble Pig’s cupcakes with the pop rocks yet? I bought everything, but can’t find pop rocks anywhere.


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