Cooper’s 1 Year Photos

I forgot. I’m sorry. And Justin, who usually does this, has been ridiculously busy and hasn’t gotten a chance. So thank goodness Trannyhead is on the ball and posted Sumo’s pics (happy b-day, by the way!), which reminded how neglectful we’ve been.

These pics were done over the span of two different photo sessions because Cooper was just not in the mood to have his portraits done. On the first day I’d set him down and he’d start crying immediately.

I even tried sitting him with Gavin, whom he adores, and he’d still start bawling!

So Portrait Innovations saved that photo shoot for us and we came back two days later to try again. This time I brought Justin. And this time instead of crying (although he was a little crabby), he just kept crawling away.

But we begged, pleaded, bribed with milk and poofs, and managed to get some decent shots of our little tempermental toddler:

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Adorable! Love the ones with him and Gavin on the white background and the beach scene in particular.

Cutie, patootie!


He is so adorable. I just want to eat him up.
Crap now that I’ve said that you may never want to meet me.


They are so cute! I actually really like the crying ones…and the crawling ones.

The one where he is standing on the block is precious!

swirl girl

I love the shot at the end of him standing – look at the foot rolls!



Ok, first of all, that’s the cutest darn baby I have ever seen. Second of all, my son’s name is Cooper, so I am bias. Third, I LOVE your header. You are my kind of gal. That’s all.


I don’t know what you’re talking about he certainly seems in the mood on those first ones! Ha!


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