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We had Cooper’s follow-up visit with the ENT this morning and the doctor still found fluid behind one of his ears. Since he is currently fighting a very snotty cold, the doctor all but guaranteed that it would develop into an infection by the weekend and gave me a prescription to fill and administer once we start seeing the usual symptoms. He also told me that we will need to get the ear tubes, and as long as Cooper’s cold doesn’t move down into his chest (which could cause issues when he’s put under general anesthesia), he could get it done right away, or we can just keep managing the ear infections (and resulting diarrhea) until a better time for our family schedule.

I sat and realized October’s out (lots of plans with family), then we get into holiday season mid-November on through early January. Then Justin’s next Alaskan trip and the boys transitioning to a new daycare through the end of January. And ALL the new germs in a new daycare in January…AAAHHHHH! Do I really want him to be going through all of this?…the see-saw of ear pain and fevers and barely-working meds and fitful sleeping and expensive probiotics to keep his GI track healthy and trips to the pediatrician (whom he now fears)? Not to mention the additional time off work to take care of him, fighting with him to take his meds and probiotics, or the ever-mounting costs involved (above-mentioned probiotic, all the co-pays for all these sick visits, and even the generic antibiotics start adding up when he’s taking taking two per month). There’s also the very-real possibility of permanent hearing loss, verbal and/or auditory development delays, or Antibiotic-Associated Colitis, which stems from the gut being completely wiped of beneficial bacteria (most often from extended antibiotic use) and intestinal inflammation forms from a now un-hindered Clostridium difficile bacterium (previously hindered by those good bacteria).

That entire paragraph ran through my head in mere seconds, all while Cooper was noisily banging on the chair next to me, shouting “doon-dih, doon-dih, nana, nana, doon-dih, dint”, and my wallet was screaming “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” I felt my head nodding yes and said, “ok. We’ll do it at your next opening here” (he does surgeries in two different hospitals). So he’s scheduled for 8am next Friday (19th). Stock up on your chocolate and salty snacks now because I’ll be hitting the stores in the next day or two to stress-feed my anxiety.

Just wondering, is there anyone else out there who thinks those ear tubes look a lot like those plastic wall anchors?

(pictures stolen shamelessly from Google)

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As scary as it is, it is so wonderful after it is done. Sometime afterwards, you’ll think you see signs of an infection returning or you start to worry because he has a cold (and we know what that leads to) and then…nothing. Nothing happens, he doesn’t get an ear infection! I’ve seen fluid drain out of Holden’s ear during a cold/flu and think to myself “that’s the ear infection that he would have had without those tubes.”

Watch out though, Holden didn’t take well to the anesthesia and vomited all day long afterwards.


Dang it, I thought for sure that some day when Morgan and Cooper are happily married he would be able to tease her that he made it thru the horrible ear infection drama without tubes.

Seriously though, I hope that it fixes the ear infections for him. I hope he doesn’t follow in Morgan’s footsteps…which I hope means only one infection after tubes and no more!


I’m so glad you’re able to get it done so soon! I’m sad you have to get it done, but if you must, right away is best – it’ll make your life so much better you’ll wish you begged for them earlier.

For Landon’s tubes they didn’t even do full general, he just had a little mask over his face with the anesthesia and then they woke him up. It was less than 10 minutes from start to finish. He did great – played with a special new toy I bought him all afternoon, slept well, and went to daycare the next day. He hasn’t had an ear infection since!


My brother had tubes in his ears a hundred years ago and I am convinced that’s the only reason he didn’t die of perpetual ear infection. (It was bad.)
Oh, yeah. That’s what they use…. plastic wall anchors… ๐Ÿ˜‰


Poor Cooper. I hope the surgery goes well…it has to be better than dealing with all of those awful ear infections and everything that comes with the antibiotics. It would be terrible if he got C. dif or ended up getting some antibiotic resistant infection.

Chocolate covered pretzels will *totally* help with the anxiety ๐Ÿ˜‰

Good luck!


Poor Cooper, and poor your wallet! But I’ve heard such good things about the ear tubes for kids who have repeated ear infections. I hope it helps, and I hope the surgery goes smoothly!


OH sweetie! I hope the tubes do the trick. And thankfully you are getting it over with.
I hear awesome things about the tubes! And I believe the surgery lasts around 10 mins.


You’ll be wishing you did this sooner. I’m so glad he’s getting the tubes. And yes, they do look a bit like wall anchors. haha


Best of luck with Cooper and the tubes. I had tubes twice when I was young. I think Zach is headed down the same path as Cooper. We’re almost into double digits with the ear infections. We’ll be thinking of you guys ๐Ÿ™‚


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