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First off, I want to thank all of you for your warm thoughts and all your prayers. Unfortunately Justin’s Uncle Thom passed away Friday afternoon. Justin’s sister, Jen, has much better details here. If you don’t mind, please keep the whole family in your thoughts while they grieve their loss.

Some of you may be aware that Cooper only has one tooth (and for those of you I purked 2 or 3 weeks ago about a 2nd tooth? I was wrong–it was an illusion). Well, he now does actually have that second tooth. yay! And the low-grade fever he had yesterday which kept me home with him was a result of the tooth (so far, knock on wood). He was still a little warm, was fussy and clingy all day today, and had a hard time going down to bed this evening…but so far no further ear issues (that we can tell…yet).

Gavin brought some papers home yesterday that he had done throughout the week. I kind of hate admitting it, but a lot of his papers and artwork tend to hit the trash because I can tell they’re just busy-work. But this one caught my attention and brought a tear to my eye:

(click to enlarge)

The instructions were to draw something that make you special; Gavin drew a picture of himself with Cooper. That sound you just heard? Was my heart bursting with pride and joy and love.

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swirl girl

Sorry about your uncle. Some things just suck in the worst way.

– but the picture is sure a keeper!


Oh my goodness, how sweet! That’s a keeper for sure!

So sorry to hear about your loss, we’ll be keeping your family in our prayers.


Awww! That is too sweet! And I too tend to send a great deal of Cooper’s artwork straight to the trash – mostly because I can tell he wasn’t interested, and did nothing more than glue a single green square to a 16 x 16 inch piece of butcher paper.


I’m so sorry about Justin’s uncle.

That picture is so incredibly sweet! Especially considering it was something that makes him feel special! I love it!


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