Go Ball State!

My alma mater, Ball State University, has been having one helluva football season! We are 6-0 and I am completely beside myself (they were never that good when I was there, of course). And even after one of our top players, Dante Love, suffered a very serious spinal injury a few weeks ago, the team seems to have rallied around him and have pushed themselves to continue to do well.

I put up a button for the fund started by the Ball State athletics club to help cover any costs not covered by Dante’s insurance. This will also help cover other incidentals, like helping his family make the trip to visit him as he’s recovering. If you feel so inclined, click the button and make a small donation. While we’re all pulling for him and he seems to be doing well, as with any serious injury there will be plenty of ups and downs, we’re just hoping that finances won’t be one of them.

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Please tell me you didn’t grow up in Indiana…but rather just had an urge to go to college in boring old Indiana.

I say that because I grew up (the first 12 years) in boring ole’ Indiana…and it would be far to strange if you did too…its strange enough that you even lived there. We have WAY TOO MUCH in common!

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[…] I think it’s a testament to the team and Coach Brady Hoke that even after star-player Dante Love suffered a serious spinal injury, that the team continued to work hard. It shows that all of them are star players. I’m so […]


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