Happy Birthday, Justin!

Happy Birthday, Honey!

I’m glad to have you around another year, and I’m especially thrilled that earlier this year you took the initiative to improve your health by making the conscious effort to eat healthier and to exercise regularly. Those are great steps to making sure you’re around many more years to terrorize, poke the angry bear, tease the crap out of, love and cherish your loving wife and adoring boys. Plus, with all the muscles you’ve built up, you’re better able to toss Gavin and Cooper around (thank goodness, since my arms are like T-Rex arms). And with all the weight you’ve lost since March, you’re lookin’ pretty hot! MWAR!

You’ve been there for me, tolerating my chronic moodiness, supporting me through tough personal times (despite your own hectic work schedule), celebrating our children’s milestones with me, and covering for me when I start cracking up at Gavin when I should really be scolding him. I hope that I have been just as supportive to you. I love you, I’m so grateful to have you in my life, and hope you have a fantastic birthday!


p.s. don’t forget to act surprised when you open your gift since I’m 99% sure Gavin already told you what you’re getting.

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AWWWW! And you didn’t even say how old he is! That was sweet! John just had one on the 29th of September!


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