Mullets and Mechanics

Has anyone ever noticed there seems to be a higher ratio of men sporting mullets that have chosen automotive repair as their career than in the general population? When I picked up my car from the shop yesterday, it was parked around the side of the building near all the bays. As I walked past the mechanics all chatting, enjoying their coffee, and skyrocketing the labor costs of the repairs they were doing, out of the seven or so men, there were three with mullets. But there was one that stood out from the entire group. I’d like to call him Mr. Lovely Locks.

Mr. Lovely Locks had hair that was thick and wavy, so it was poofy and feathered nice on the top and the sides. But the back of his hair? Were these gorgeous, just-past-shoulder-length bouncy Shirley Temple curls.

thank you Google and cupcakesandbeer.com for this fabulous illustration

I really wanted to touch his hair, but he had a face like Walter Matthau, circa “Grumpy Old Men” years, and I had to go to work. But I really really REALLY wanted to touch his hair like Aunt Voula touched Ian’s hair in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”.

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As far as mullets go, you need to come to Pittsburgh. There are more mullets here than anywhere else I have ever been. It’s craziness. Seriously–mulleted people EVERYWHERE.

Karen MEG

My husband got that book as a birthday gift years ago… to commemorate his own Euro mullet back in the 8os. Too funny!


DUDE! I would totally pay you big bucks* if you could, (with video footage for us all to enjoy), just walk up to the guy and fondle his ringlets…

*”big bucks” to be determined after the checkbook has been balanced.


Hahaha! Mullets make me laugh. Where I grew up, all the girls with curly hair had mullets, too! Oh I bet they’re sorry now.


Allison speaks the truth. It’s like Pittsburgh is serious about cornering the market on the mullet. Like it’s a good thing.

Tranny Head

Mullets are totally hawt. I have seen a ton of them since I got Down South and every time I see one I have to fight that urge to touch it.


Ahh, the mullet . . . business in the front, party in the back. You are so right about the automotive repair industry and the mullet – wonder if someone forgot to tell them the 80s have come and gone! And yeah for seeing one worth touching – most of the ones I have seen are only worth touching if you are looking for a small woodland creature to bring home.


MMmmmm, mull-ays as my sister and I call them. She had a sweet one in junior high. I would have the purell handy after you touch Mr.Mullet’s curls.


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