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It’s been a very busy week or so. So much that I cannot stop singing that silly “BusyBusyBusy” song when I should be singing Christmas songs! (Yes, I’m one of those ridiculously shameless people who sings her head off to nearly any Christmas song playing in the car, in the stores, on the TV, you name it. The only song I won’t sing to? That Dan Fogelberg atrocity “Same Old Lang Syne”.)

So after recovering from my less than ladylike GI fall-out, I took Friday off from work to get the kids bathed and ready for our family Christmas picture. We scheduled to have it done at Portrait Innovations Friday afternoon, after Justin got back from his latest training trip and snagged my mom from the airport who was flying in for the weekend. We get to the studio and it.is.paaacked! Thankfully we don’t wait long…have a good amount of luck getting pictures taken (except needing 300 of Cooper before he’d smile at the camera…goofball would turn away and smile), we nixed doing a bunch of extra shots and poses, and quickly picked out the proofs we wanted.

Afterwards, Mom drove my car back home with the kids, and Justin and I checked in at the hotel where one of his company holiday parties was taking place.

I should clarify…his company is actually made up of several different subsidiaries. Since he just moved from one subsidary to another, and we had a bit of an RSVP mix-up, we opted to go to both. So for cocktails and dinner, we went to his new company party. I got to meet several of his new coworkers, his new senior management, and met their lovely spouses. Dinner was delicious, and the atmosphere was a lot of fun. I would’ve loved to have spent the rest of the evening with these fine folks, but we were due to kick up our heels with Justin’s old coworkers. And kick them up, we did. I was thrilled to see the friendly faces I’d grown to know over the past three years Justin’s been with this fantastic company, and we had a blast dancing ourselves silly for well over two hours. Once they rolled up the dance floor, a handful of us went and sat in the bar for about an hour chatting. Justin and I got to bed the latest we had ever in a long time, feeling fat, happy, and with sore dancing feet.

I woke about four hours later, hacking my head off (since that little cold had continued to stick around with me long after Cooper lost it). I found some drugs and dozed back off. After a few more hours we got up, showered, and since Justin was suffering from sneaking in one-too-many gin-and-tonics, we headed back home, instead of going to breakfast as planned.

Once we arrived, Justin headed straight up to bed with his hang-over remedy of Advil and chocolate milk (don’t knock it…it works!), and I caught up with Mom and the kids on their exciting night. Turns out that Mom ordered a pizza and my skinny pig, Gavin, ate three slices all on his own! They also stayed up late watching “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”, and were tickled to find little gifts from St. Nick waiting for them in the morning (Justin’s family celebrates the Feast of St. Nicholas by giving little trinkets to kids on December 6th).

Unfortunately my cough got worse (bronchitis! wee!) and my mom’s trip was very short. I drove her back to the airport first thing Sunday morning. I’m glad we got to spend a little time together, and hope it can be longer next time. The kids definitely had a good time with their Grandma…in fact, Gavin was so sad about her leaving, he barely said “bye” to her. But he enjoyed his time doing puzzles and Legos with her, and Cooper knows who she is (if you ask him “where’s Grandma?” he’ll look in her direction).

The rest of the week has been just as busy (though not as fun!). Justin was in Philly for a couple days, and I had to work two nights. I finally got caught-up on some emails and got some gift-wrapping completed, and I’m planning on making some kolachkys this weekend.

(wish me luck…I’m a wuss when it comes to rolling dough)

And sadly, since it seems plenty of other folks are very very busy and have a lot to do, I’ve had to cancel my open house fundraiser for St. Jude’s. However, the online piece of the fundraiser is still going on. So please please please click on over, check out the products, place your order, and feel good about that necklace or foot cream you bought for your mom because not only did you get her a cool gift, you are also helping out children suffering from cancer, HIV, sickle cell anemia, or any of many other serious diseases and conditions.
So please help these kids get the treatment they need…they’re counting on you.

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Wow, you have been busy! I hope you’re feeling better now and not still suffering from the cold. Sounds like you guys had a wonderful Christmas party weekend! Good luck on the baking – I’m waiting for a nice quite night to get mine done. Oh who am I kidding, there are NO quite nights around here. đŸ™‚


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