Happy 5th Birthday, Gavin!

Wow. Five years.

It just seemed like last week you were just learning to sleep in your big-boy bed and coming into our room at odd hours of the night, barely as tall as our bed. Then I suddenly noticed Saturday when you came in and woke me up while I was napping, that you had gotten so tall and are now head and shoulders above the height of our mattress. When did that happen?

Somewhere in-between you became a fantastic big brother, coming to Cooper’s aid anytime he fell or bumped his head, you grew out of toddler-sized clothes, started getting picky about what you wore and how you styled your hair, and, with the help of speech/auditory therapy, found your words. Now, instead of struggling to understand what you mean with the few words you utter, we’re struggling to get you to stop talking! And we’re so glad that you can now share more of your silly stories. This big change alone seems to have made you seem older, more mature, and more confident. You took the change in daycare centers like a champ and without a single panicky crying fit, and you’re slowly adjusting to other big changes with less trepidation as it seems you better understand what is going on. It also seems that having your little brother around has given you an extra measure of courage as you seem to relish showing him the way ahead, even if it’s new ground for you as well.

In all, you have had an amazing year. And while I’m a bit nostalgic for the days when I was home with you after your birth, or the days we’d spend dancing to 70’s funk/disco music when you were a silly toddler, I cannot wait to see what the coming years bring for you.

I love you buddy!

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Ah, these kinds of posts always bring tears to my eyes and turn me into a sappy fool. It’s so cliche, but they DO grow up so fast, right? I mean, wasn’t my toddler just born? Wasn’t I just pregnant? It also makes me feel some guilt. I spend so much time wanting to speed it all up – isn’t it time for bed? Nap? Mommy needs a break… that I forget to just revel in the moment and enjoy her. Thanks for the reminder. Happy Birthday, Gavin!


Happy birthday, Gavin! So he was Diet Caffeine free Coke for Halloween last year, huh?


Obviously I am tired and my hormones are still whacked out, because that made me cry. (or maybe it’s because I’m a mom now, so I can never read things like this the same again)


Happy Birthday to your ‘baby’! And Happy Birthing Day to you, Momma! He is such a handsome little boy – I hope you all had a wonderful day!


Happy birthday to my little cousin! Not seeing him for long periods of time makes me amazed at how big he is when I do get to see him. When you all were here for Meghan’s birthday I was amazed at how big and grown up both boys were already. Congrats to my great cousins who are super parents raising some pretty awesome young men. 🙂 Love and hugs to the big man Gavin for his birthday! <3 Jen


Happy Birthday Big Boy!

Aww, they grow up too fast! Where does the time go? I want to save every precious moment (and delete the non-precious ones. hee hee)


Aw – Happy birthday, Gavin!! 5 is such a great age, so much to explore, so much to do! Hope that you enjoy it as much as he does!


Happy Birthday, Gavin!

He is so handsome, fun and funny! I’m so glad I got to see him recently. He was wonderful playing with the other kids. You’ve got a great boy there!


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