Cooper Turns Two

I’m not sure where to start on last weekend, but I think I will leave the bulk of the weekend to another post and focus on the main highlight of the weekend: Cooper’s Second birthday.

Yep, last Sunday, my little Bubba turned two and we celebrated with a Blue’s Clues theme birthday party. Come to find out, now that the television show is in full syndication and is no longer producing new episodes, it is darn near impossible to find birthday supplies and decorations featuring our blue canine friend.

But find them I did, with the help of our good friend, the Internet, and a Blue’s Clues party was had.

don’t mind the toddler playing with the matches

Cooper was not thrilled with being the center of attention. Or he thought our singing stunk. We’re not sure.

Funny story about about the candle-blowing: this is the second time that we tried blowing out the candle because our little friend, Peyton, blew it out first, from across the table! So Cooper got a second chance. And third, fourth, and fifth. He was having so much fun blowing it out, we just kept relighting it until we were gagging on the smoke.

And here is some of the gift-opening…he wasn’t overly impressed with anything and was more interested in the Blue’s Clues bouncey-ball and Blue’s Clues bubbles from his goodie bag.

Thankfully, Gavin WAS very interested in the presents and has all but completely claimed this very cool snake sent to Cooper from his Aunt Jen, Uncle Shawn, and cousin, Holden:

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Cooper is such a handsome guy! Are you accepting solitications from young ladies yet? I’m telling you, Cooper and Taylor could make us some beautiful grandchildren one day. 🙂 And, it sounds like they would be a great match – he shies away from being the center of attention while she relishes in it.


Well, Happy Birthday, Cooper! Good job keeping everyone in line and having such a smashing party! Tell, mommy, “Hi” for me! And what a great brother you are sharing your toys with Gavin!


Happy Birthday Cooper, albeit a little late on my part, but the thought still counts, right? Mommy probably forgot that you would have been happy with a really big box though. 🙂


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