No, Seriously, I’m Only Nine Weeks

I blame my two older children. And I blame any of you who’ve had more than two kids for not telling me how after each meal I’d look like a snake that just ate a goat. Okay, maybe I should blame my lack of stick-to-it-ness on the ol’ sit-ups and crunches, but I still put most of the blame on those two behemoths I gave birth to previously.

I know it doesn’t help that I finally figured out if I keep eating non-stop throughout the day, that I won’t get bothered by that dang morning sickness, but I’ve only gained 2 pounds. Instead, that hormone, relaxin, just makes me look all weird. Justin, in a brief moment of tenderness, patted my belly, except really, all he was patting was my bloated intestines pushing their way up and from behind my wussed-out upper abdominals.

I’ve also been in my “transition” maternity pants for the past four weeks because the nausea was making my tummy all “NO TOUCHY!” and I’ve not been able to tolerate even wearing pants two sizes larger than I normally wear, besides the fact that my rear is not yet two sizes larger…but if I keep up my smoked gouda habit, it won’t be too long! And since those pants I’m now wearing don’t exactly have sexy waistbands (and cuz I’m too cheap to buy the new-and-improved maternity pants), I’m wearing long shirts, or long tanks under short shirts, or I put on those tents that pass as shirts for me in the last trimester. It’s great. I love the whole clown look I pull off when I go into the office. Add in the fact that I’m fighting the nausea, aren’t sleeping well (since I can’t take the meds that help me sleep anymore), have already started a slight waddle, and usually have cheese danish crumbs on the front of me. I am one sexxxxay mama…

if this picture was a close-up, I’d point out the cheese danish crumbs

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NO WAY! Did I miss the original post? At any rate, CONGRATS! (And that’s totally the baby up higher. You’re pregnant, embrace the lie.)

De in D.C.

Awww, you look totally adorable! Have you told anyone at work yet? I felt like it was obvious to everyone as soon as I started showing with my little gas-gut, but apparently only I could see it (and my pants that I couldn’t get into, darn them). Now at 27 weeks it’s finally come out to most of my coworkers and some of them were all “I had no idea you were pregnant!” Hello, I look like a balloon now, did you really think I’d just put on 30lbs all in my middle? lol


You crack me up. Just go with it being a baby and not tell anyone what it might really be 🙂


When I was pregnant with Tay, I was right along the same week as a co-worker who was pregnant with her 3rd. I was convinced that either she was having triplets or there was something terribly wrong with my baby who was not growing each time we compared bellies. Tay ended up being 3 weeks early and 8lbs 5ozs, so, yeah, she was growing just fine. 🙂

And, thanks to your labels, all I can hear is Peter Brady saying, “Pork Chops and Applesauce…”


OH! YOU SAID SMOKED GOUDA! I lurrrrrves me some smoked gouda! Oops, this is your comment section isn’t it…. I got kinda carried away with myself.
(You’re still adorable!)


If only I looked that good when I went onto my 3rd child. You look good–maybe your third is just going to be born a snacker..

*better that then a slacker*

:)glad I stopped by–it’s fun over here.
One crusty Mom-E


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