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I had my regular OB check-up two weeks ago. Of course, even though the radiologist’s office is only 20 minutes away from my OB’s office, they didn’t have the sonogram stuff yet. No biggie. So I told her we were having a boy, and that the baby’s measurements were indicating a due date closer to May 17th. I then asked her since my due date had been pushed up to the 23rd back in September after my initial sonogram, did she think there was a good chance that my due date would be pushed up to the 17th or so? She looked at me oddly, glanced at my chart and said, “we still have your calculated due date as May 19th. Who changed it?” I told her it was the sonographer I saw in the office back in September. She explicitly told me that I should consider the 23rd as my due date instead of the 19th. My doctor then muttered, “we need to remind her to quit saying that,” and went on to explain that their feeling is that unless there are extenuating circumstances, they do not change due dates if sonograms are giving alternate due dates up to a week early or later.
So may date is back to the 19th. And we’ve still got a 39-week induction penciled-in my chart in the event this child refuses to come on his own like his older brothers, or is the size of a hippo…which is highly probable since I’ve gained 7 pounds since that check-up two weeks ago. Five of those pounds were in one week. I blame the vitinnis I made for New Year’s Day. Or maybe the homemade fudge. Or the sugar cookies. Or the cheese (dear Lord, the cheeeese!!!).
Meanwhile, I have not gotten back to wrestle with my scanner to make it work so I can share the scant images of our baby. No joke. With Gavin and Cooper, we walked out of the radiologist’s office with 10 or more images of them. This kid? We got about five. This recession is really starting to suck.
So, since I don’t have the sonogram images to share (yet), I’ll instead sacrifice my self-respect and share this with you:

And yes, I am a huge “Chuck” fan and was beyond thrilled to come across a “Chuck” marathon on the SyFy channel over the weekend to get me prepped for the premiere that started this past Sunday. After getting a good 6-plus hours of “Chuck” into my system over the past several days, I’m finally feeling as if the world is in balance again.

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With a 39 week induction you could totally deliver before me! Holden was 6 days late and I’d only have to be 3 days late with this one to deliver the same day as you now!


Well Jeehosophat. Sounds like you’re having fun. Either way you’re still having a baby. šŸ™‚

Kelley @ Magnetoboldtoo

MPS is obsessed with Chuck. Apparently you can get his shirt online or something and he totally wanted one. I, on the other hand, would prefer him to dress like Dexter (rawr).


I watched the first season and liked it but never went back… If it falls off the DVR I never remember to watch it! I’m addicted to the DVR and use it exclusively. I may have to go back to manually scrolling through the guide… *shiver*

De in D.C.

Gah, I dealt with the mixed-up dates for the last 2 months. My Dr. had given me a date of 1/21 based on last cycle. I only had a 20wk sonogram, which gave me a date of 1/13. My Dr. said they wouldn’t change my date based on one measurement alone, since dating by sonogram can be off a little bit. Yet, when I went in for a 38wk sonogram last Fri, the radiology office kept using the 1/13 date (despite what my chart said) and when I went into the hospital, all my paperwork kept coming up with that 1/13 date. It was kind of a moot point by then since I was having a c-section regardless (fetal distress confirmed by the sonogram), but it irked me that different dates were being thrown around regardless of what my Dr. wanted.

Hope you’re feeling well these days. You’re in the homestretch now!


The reliance on exact due dates always pissed me off. Really – I don’t know a single person that delivered ON THAT DAY so why do we make it so official?? How about, Due Week? You’re DUE in week 40, but anytime after say, oh, 38 is good šŸ™‚


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