Look! Sonogram Images!

*pay no attention to the negligent mother hiding behind the computer screen*

I really and truly have been meaning to post these. But I really and truly did have an issue with my scanner. I would attempt to scan the images and it would say “uh, I’m sorry, which computer would you like these sent to?” and I’d remind it nicely that it would be for my cute little laptop. Then the scanner was all “whatever,” and wouldn’t send the images to my laptop. So I tried to dupe it by triggering the scanner remotely from my laptop (instead of the scanner itself), and I’ll be darned if the thing didn’t holler out at me “B**** please! I can see you in there!” and wouldn’t send me the images. So I was forced to ask Justin a few times to scan the sonogram images for me. I think I literally heard the scanner purr “oh, the Apple wants some images scanned? Sure! Whatever you want, sweetie!”
Good thing Justin brought that rotten Apple with him to MacWorld or else I’d be interrogating it right now to find out what it’s slipping to my scanner.

I see you!

Little Man #3 showing off his stuff

Yay! He has at least 5 toes!

We're not quite sure what the heck he's doing there.

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Yep, that sure is a boy! πŸ™‚ Since you didn’t lead me astray in the daycare referral – who is your OB? Do you like him/her? I see you have Centreville on your sonogram. I had Tay in Virginia Hospital Center (Arlington) when we lived there, and my OBs are all right next door to there. Convenient for when I’m at work (I also work next door) but not so convenient for things like having babies and such. Would like to find someone down here…


Yay Baby! You must be very excited. How did you guys survive the snow? We had a little too much “togetherness” if you know what I mean. Four days of enforced confinement was a bit much!

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Do you know what I thought was particularly great when I was pregnant with my youngest one? That the doctor told me I couldn’t clean the cat litter! 7 months of non-litter duty. Woohoo!


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