Monthly Archives: July 31, 2010

Dumb Food #247

Uh yeah, can I get a coffee flavored coffee?

Cooper and his Amazing, Exploding Ear!

Not for the faint of heart… Cooper, age three, not wanting to be outdone by younger brother, Nolan,  and his exploding butt, decided to up the ante.  Instead of just super-charging an existing bodily function, Cooper got incredibly creative and introduced a new bodily function that amazed not only his long-tenured daycare teachers, but also…read more

Secret Sleep Formula

I understand the following post may cause a lot of you parents out there to hate us, but since this is partly doubling as a scrapbook, I’m going to post this anyways: Nolan is a good sleeper, and has been from Day 1. I’ll wait till you’re done cussing to continue. My theory is that…read more

Dumb Food

What a relief! I sure do I hate when they use old, lumpy cream.