Quotable Cooper

Cooper is a smart little three year old. I’d like to think he’s the smartest I know, but realize I might be a bit biased so I’m willing to say he’s the second-smartest three year old, and is too smart for his own good. He’s very well-spoken and has really high verbal comprehension, so much so that he’s been mistaken for being older, though since he’s so short and still has a voice like Elmo, it throws people off and most of them think he’s just an overly precocious two year old. And while we’re pretty used to some of the gems that come out of his mouth, there are a few that I feel compelled to share.

Scene: At his new daycare it’s naptime, but he doesn’t sleep so he usually has a book to look at while resting on his cot.

Cooper: Ms. Andrea!
Ms. Andrea: shhh Cooper! You need to be quiet. It’s naptime.
Cooper: you need to come see this elephant!
Ms. Andrea: Cooper, I asked you to be quiet!
Cooper: and I asked you to come see this elephant!

Scene: our bathroom, where Cooper is crumpled on the floor throwing a fit about brushing his teeth.

Me: Cooper, stand up and brush your teeth.
Cooper: (screaming and crying) No!
Me: brush your teeth or else I will brush your teeth.
Cooper: No! I don’t want to brush my teeth!
Me: okay. Then I will brush your teeth.
I stand him up and start brushing his teeth. He howls and cries and drools, and screams and spits toothpaste everywhere.
Me: that’s enough! Stop crying or I’ll give you something to cry about!
Cooper: (shrieking hysterically) No! I don’t wanna stop and I don’t want you to give me something to cry about!

Something tells me I’m gonna be in a lot of trouble in ten or twelve years.

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