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Guess what I found out while I was at BlogHer last weekend (besides that I really like mini beef wellingtons)? That I am a bonafide, grade-A, card-carrying camera whore. As in, if someone pulls out a camera, I am somehow getting my big toothy grin in the shot. So besides all the pics where I […]

Gettin’ Back Into the Game

So besides the awesome new look, I’ve been trying to clean things up, add a few things, pages, etc. You know, spruce things up a bit since I’ve been so neglectful the past eight or ten months. I figure that I’ve been “gone” so long, feeling so isolated because my life got so crazy, that […]

Trying to Figure Out How This Happened

I bought this Pampered Chef deep-dish mini-baker about 4 years ago…maybe 5. Used it a hundred times to make breakfast casserole and was considering making it this morning. Until it broke in the oven while baking my salmon last night. Not sure what happened…checked the salmon about two minutes prior and all seemed to be […]

Under Pressure

Have I mentioned how much I love my pressure cooker? Seriously, though…have I mentioned it? Cuz I am NUTS about this pressure cooker. I keep wondering how I cooked anything decent on a weeknight without it. Oh wait. I didn’t cook anything decent on weeknights. I made my family live off of a diet largely […]