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A Feeling of General Malaise

Holy crap! Is it Wednesday already? Sheesh! I have completely lost track of time since about Thursday of last week. When Justin, who had been promised by his boss, and who then promised me that his traveling would be next to nothing and that he’d be home a lot more…like maybe three weeks home instead […]

September 11th

This is a repost from last year (I did update it slightly). While my personal schedule made it impossible for me to write a new post remembering this day, I had a heavy heart the entire day thinking about all that happened. I again want to thank Elliot from Elliot in the Morning on DC101 […]

Hiding in Virginia Beach

If you’re trying to find me, you’ll need to look under about 16 pounds of sand. My goodness I had ALMOST forgotten about how the sand gets everywhere. Or maybe I blocked it out. Suffice it to say, the kids have had a bath every single day that we’ve been here. With the amount of […]

Just Some Thoughts

because I’m too tired to pull together a cohesive post today. And I just realized it’s been a week since my last post and most likely I have a “don’t be a slacker” email from BlogHer Ads in my Inbox. Or will if I don’t get this posted. ******************** Thank you to everyone for your […]

Mama’s Got a Brand New Blog!

No, you haven’t surfed onto a new site. I finally got a real bloggy make-over, courtesy of the lovely, talented, and amazingly patient Napwarden!!! I’ve always admired her drawing style and designs and finally decided that I needed a new boost to my poor, tired, and not-browser friendly design. I am not a creative person. […]