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Week 32 and Counting

Some things I feel the need to get off my chest. Or belly, since most stuff falls off, or completely bypasses my chest, only to land on my belly. I had all these huge plans to better document this pregnancy. For one, this is the first pregnancy where I had a blog, as opposed to […]

Fun with Hormones and Bellies

After a nice vacation from my hormones, where I had nice skin, relatively low amounts of heartburn, was tolerating nearly every type of food, and was feeling pretty chipper. Then about three weeks ago, all hormone hell broke loose. Heartburn is threatening to burn all the way up to the bottom of my eyeballs; my […]

Look! Sonogram Images!

*pay no attention to the negligent mother hiding behind the computer screen* I really and truly have been meaning to post these. But I really and truly did have an issue with my scanner. I would attempt to scan the images and it would say “uh, I’m sorry, which computer would you like these sent […]

Verified at Least One Thing

I had my regular OB check-up two weeks ago. Of course, even though the radiologist’s office is only 20 minutes away from my OB’s office, they didn’t have the sonogram stuff yet. No biggie. So I told her we were having a boy, and that the baby’s measurements were indicating a due date closer to […]


It’s another boy! From what I can tell, with all my layman’s knowledge of radiology, the baby seems healthy. I’m also basing that assumption on the fact that I did NOT hear any “hmmmm’s” or “uh-oh’s” or sucking in of breath that might indicate the sonographer saw something bad or unusual. Of course, we’ll find […]