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Thirteen Things I Would Like for Christmas

Okay, this is in no way to make my husband, parents, or other loved ones feel bad about any shopping they’ve already done…I’m just wishing…and may be wishing for many of these for many many years. a few bottles of the champagne that we had a few days after Cooper was born…I have NO idea […]

13 things I never thought I’d hear/say/experience as a mother

ask, “who peed on the floor?” and actually get a confession fight desperately with my three year old over MY boots   be eating a sandwich, smell diaper ointment (i.e. Desitin or A&D), and realize that I completely forgot to wash my hands after changing a diaper…and waiting to finish my sandwich to actually wash my […]

Thursday 13…Adventures in Breastfeeding

Thought I would document some of the more interesting things I’ve experienced or done while breastfeeding: positive, negative, and just plain weird (and I could give you a whole run-on about the relativity of weirdness, but we’ll save that for another day, or at least until I can properly give credit the to guy I first […]

Thursday Thirteen…Things I Love

It is Thursday, right? Oh, and I’m not sure if there is some Master List that I should be working off of.  I just liked the idea of a meme today and since I’ve been such a crab all week, it’s time I quit complaining and talk about things I enjoy (in no particular order): […]