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They’re Trying to Kill Me

I truly believe that my kids are trying to kill me.  I am currently (successfully?) fighting a cold.  I don’t feel too bad, just a little congested and run-down.  But now both kids have re-implemented their Plan to Kill Mommy after a two-week hiatus where both were sleeping well through the night. 11:30pm–I go to […]

Happy 4 Month Birthday, Cooper!

Ah, my little sweet pea is now 4 months old!  And how did he celebrate this big occasion?  By peeing on me twice, peeing on the pediatrician (yeah, didn’t feel bad about it at all–I laughed and so did he!), and by nearly having two up-the-back pooping incidents.  He also, thanks to the wonderful Rotavirus oral […]

I stink again…

I totally have been up to my elbows in poop. Literally. Cooper has had a long-drawn-out case of the ‘rhea. About 2 1/2 weeks to be exact. So I’ve had to fill up four stool sample cups with his poop. His watery poop. He wasn’t real keen on me taping any of the cups to […]

Happy 3-month Birthday, Cooper!

Yes, I am interrupting our regularly scheduled “Letters While Driving” with a special birthday wish for my little Cooper.  Seems silly, but it’s my blog, so I will wish whomever a happy birthday whenever I want. Please please scroll down and drool all over my cute, cute, CUTE baby!   See how big I’m getting?  […]