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Got Those Pics

Guess Justin secretly posted some of the beach pictures and aquarium pictures. And I finally found my card-reader so that I could post the ones from my camera. Makes me want to go back. *sigh*

What I Did on My Summer Vacation

by Colleen Wineplz Okay, it was only five days, not all summer, but man, as short as it was, I really enjoyed it. We got to Virginia Beach around 10pm on Monday, got checked-in, got the truck unpacked, and finally got the kids and dogs settled down for the night. Gavin proceeded to get up […]

Hiding in Virginia Beach

If you’re trying to find me, you’ll need to look under about 16 pounds of sand. My goodness I had ALMOST forgotten about how the sand gets everywhere. Or maybe I blocked it out. Suffice it to say, the kids have had a bath every single day that we’ve been here. With the amount of […]

That Weekend, You Know, in Chicago?

BlogHer was a ton of fun for so many reasons. And the fact that it was in Chicago tickled me to no end because I really miss that city. Anytime we fly to Chicago I lean as far as I can to see out the windows as we approach the city so that I can […]

Rummel Midwest Tour 2009 – Part 1

Last week Thursday we packed up the car and the kids and headed off to Chicago. After about six hours we stopped off at a hotel…for free, thanks to Justin’s hotel points from all his traveling. We ate dinner and went swimming, then I tried to bathe the kids. I say “tried” because when I […]