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Introducing the Choppy Bob (day 7 of 17)

After a long time of having varying lengths of medium blonde hair with light blonde highlights, I got nostalgic for my red hair and and slightly more edgy cut. I give you the choppy bob, complete with the same light blonde highlights but now with renewed strawberry glaze over all the rest. Sorry for the […]

Day 4 of 17: Where I Blow a Fuse

Literally and figuratively. Tuesday I worked from home because Justin’s mom was driving in to stay with the kids and I for a few days. I ran the vacuum on the main floor and brought it upstairs, embarassing as it is to admit, has not been vacuumed in quite some time. I swear I had […]

Trying to Figure Out How This Happened

I bought this Pampered Chef deep-dish mini-baker about 4 years ago…maybe 5. Used it a hundred times to make breakfast casserole and was considering making it this morning. Until it broke in the oven while baking my salmon last night. Not sure what happened…checked the salmon about two minutes prior and all seemed to be […]

Here We Go Again

Early this morning Justin got up and left for another long trip in Alaska. Instead of nineteen days like last time, this one is seventeen. Somehow those two less days are supposed to make me feel better, according to him. But since I’ve still got a weird nervous tick leftover from his last trip, that […]