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Soooo Yeah…

I guess my posts while in Chicago were exceptionally light, seeing that neglected to post anything at all. I had full intentions of doing so. Even considered scheduling out some posts and had been tagged for a couple of memes. But I kept running out of time: I had to work Wednesday night and Thursday […]

Standing Up 2 Cancer

I think we’re all familiar with cancer. Too familiar. I have yet to meet someone that wasn’t touched by cancer. My first experience was when my best friend, Becky, was diagnosed with leukemia while we were still in elementary school. I remember she couldn’t come out to play, how thin she got, how sick she […]

Baby Love

This post started as a rant about the fight Justin and I had. But I realized that wasn’t appropriate to air that kind of laundry…at least not while he still reads my blog and has comments emailed to him. Suffice it to say it wasn’t pretty, complete with ugly words, and hurt feelings, and for […]

Keep Your Clothes On

I have come to the conclusion that I can no longer be naked in front of Gavin. I actually should’ve decided and acted on this about a year ago. I was very pregnant and Gavin was just 3 years old. Usually if I was the only one home with Gavin, I would wait until he […]

I’ve Been Scooped!

So I was going to put this cute post here about our DC Bloggers trip to the National Zoo but my dearest darlingest husband scooped me while I was at Target desperately searching for Teething Tablets! WTH? And because I’m lazy and can’t re-write the post I had in my head, you’ll just have to […]