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As Promised

Thoughtful, bookish Cooper Playful Cooper imitating the dog Sullen Rock-Star Cooper A moose Justin brought home from Alaska

I Just Went in for a Trim

Really, I did.  Then I sat for like 30 seconds and saw a picture in a magazine…I put my stylist through a grueling interrogation to be sure (1) I could stand styling it, (2) that it would look alright with my face and head-shape, and (3) that my hair would do it (it has a […]

Funny Pictures

I am totally pulling a Burgh Baby’s Mom and not writing. But I have a good excuse…we had a community yard sale on Saturday (and a Goodwill Drop-Off run after that). Sunday I was doing mad laundry and cleaning up my closet (seriously, I took 95% of its contents out and went through them, straightened […]

I Deserve an Award

Justin is sick (read:  being a big whiny baby), and has left me with two hungry (read: grouchy) young boys.  After feeding Cooper a fantastic Beechnut Good Evening Creamy Chicken Noodle Dinner, I have gone above and beyond the normal demands of motherhood to procure a highly palatable and nutritious meal for Gavin and I: […]

If You Build It, They Will Come

Or:  If You Complain About Your Child, They Will Stop the Annoying Behavior in an Attempt to Make You a Liar. Yep…Cooper slept through the night last night.  Only one time did he scream, and that was at like 11pm and I was still up, so it only made me cringe a little (and will […]