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Car Cupholder Coasters (crochet)

Posted By on April 9, 2012

Because I got tired of having my drinks drip on me (whether because of condensation, or because my drink sloshed and got messy on the outside), I began using a napkin smashed down in each of my cupholders to absorb any moisture on the outside of my cups. It wasn’t pretty, but it worked. I looked into investing in the stone coasters, but I didn’t always like the designs, and am too cheap to pay $10 or more for something that sits in the dark recesses of my cupholders. I had some leftover cotton yarn from making a washcloth, and it wasn’t really enough to make much of anything, but it was enough to make two cupholders for my little truck. If they get dirty, I just toss them in the wash; I get tired of them, I can make two more in under an hour. Let me know if you have any questions!

Finished size: 2-3/4 inches diameter


  • Worsted weight yarn, about 5yds per cupholder, I highly suggest cotton, or a cotton blend, so that it absorbs the moisture from your cups.
  • size F/3.75mm hook
  • tapestry needle
  • Gauge: Gauge isn’t really important here, only because it will take less time to make the cupholder than a gauge swatch.

    Round 1: Ch 2, 8 sc into 2nd chain from hook, join with sl st to first sc (8 sc)

    Round 2: ch 1, 2 sc into each sc, join with sl st to first sc (16sc)

    Round 3: ch 1, *1 sc into 1st sc, 2 sc into next sc, repeat from * to end, join with sl st to first sc (24 sc)

    Round 4: ch 2, 1 dc into each sc, join with sl st to first dc (24 dc)

    Round 5: ch 1, 1 sc in each dc, join with sl st to first sc (24 sc)

    Fasten off and weave in ends with tapestry needle

    **A quick note: I’ve found out that some cupholders are a little larger than mine. If that seems to be the case for you, then just add another round of sc or dc…whichever will fit. My cupholders are probably just short of 3″ in diameter, so I don’t mind the coasters being a smidge smaller so that I can grab them out of there easier, but I know other folks may want a tighter fit.**

    Easy Knit Man Hat

    Posted By on March 30, 2012

    Yes, I know it's a Man Hat, but the only man in the house wasn't exactly willing to model it for me.

    Great for beginners just learning to
    use 16-inch circular needles to knit in the round


  • Bulky Yarn, approximately 80yards/73meters
  • 16-inch circular needles, size 10-1/2 (6.5mm)
    Or a set of 5 double-pointed needles (dpns), size 10-1/2 (6.5mm)
  • Tapestry Needle
  • If you’re very new to this, consider a smooth yarn, like Borroco Comfort Chunky or Bernat Softy Chunky, as smoother yarns allow for great stitch definition, very important when you’re trying to get the hang of a new technique. A fluffy yarn, like Patons Divine or Jo-Ann Sensations Boucle, make it a bit harder to see your stitches, particularly in the ribbed areas, or when you’re doing your decrease (though would make gorgeous hats once you’re comfortable with the technique or pattern).

    Gauge: about 16 stitches across and 20 rows = 4×4 inch square. Don’t be a square and make your square! Gauge is important, or else you could end up with a hat for a toddler or one for a grizzly bear!

    Ribbed edge
    Cast on 72sts, join to first stitch without twisting, and place marker on first stitch (if using dpns, set the stitches to be 16 sts each on needles 1 and 2, and 20 sts each on needles 3 and 4).
    Round 1: *K4P4, repeat around entire first round
    Rounds 2-8: repeat Round 1

    Main body of hat
    Round 9: knit evenly for entire round
    Continue knitting evenly for each round until hat measures about 8inches from beginning (approximately 30 knit-only rounds after the 8 ribbed rounds).

    Decrease for crown of hat
    Round 39 (approximately): *K7, K2Tog, repeat from * to end of round (should have 63 sts at end of round)
    Round 40: *K6, K2Tog, repeat from * to end of round (54 sts)
    Round 41: *K5, K2Tog, repeat from * to end of round (45 sts)
    Round 42: *K4, K2Tog, repeat from * to end of round (36 sts)
    If you’ve been using a circular needle, at this point you may need to switch to dpns, or do what I did (because I didn’t have that size dpns available and was in a rush to finish), used two other circular needles in the same, or close to the same size. In my case, I used a size 10 (6.0mm) and a size 11 (7.0mm) along w/my size 10-1/2 circular needle like they were dpns. Not the easiest, but worked great in a pinch, especially since there were only three rows left to complete.
    Round 43: *K3, K2Tog, repeat from * to end of round (27 sts)
    Round 44: *K2, K2Tog, repeat from * to end of round (18 sts)
    Round 45: *K1, K2Tog, repeat from * to end of round (9 sts)

    Turn hat inside-out, break yarn, leaving a 6-inch tail. Thread the tail onto a tapestry needle, weave the tail through your remaining sts on your needles and cinch tight, like a drawstring (don’t forget to remove your needles as you pass the sts onto your tail). Make a small knot to secure the cinch, trim the tail to about 2-3 inches past the knot, and weave in.

    Pattern Variation
    If you’d like to create the striped hat pictured, you’ll still need the same needles, but instead of just one ball of yarn, you will need two colors, with about 40yds (36.5m) of each. In the picture, I used Borroco Comfort Chunky “Hummus” (taupe) as my main color (indicated as MC) and Borroco Comfort Chunky “Marum” (army green) as color A (indicated as A).

    Note: don’t break yarn as you’re alternating colors, just pick up the new color around the back of your old color (to keep it close to the inside of the hat and prevents funny little gaps). As you pass by for your second row, pass your yarn behind the back of the color not in use again. When you pick up the other color again to use, make sure to give it a little tug as you start knitting with it again to keep from having a really droopy “seam”.

    Ribbed edge
    With Main Color (MC), cast on 72sts, join to first stitch without twisting, and place marker on first stitch (if using dpns, set the stitches to be 16 sts on needles 1 and 2, and 20 sts on needles 3 and 4).
    Round 1: *K4P4, repeat around entire first round
    Rounds 2-8: repeat Round 1

    Main body of hat
    Rounds 9 and 10, (A): knit evenly for entire round
    Rounds 11 and 12, (MC): knit evenly for entire round
    Continue pattern (2 rounds of A, 2 rounds of MC) knitting evenly for each round until hat measures about 8inches from beginning, ending with 2 rounds of A (you will have approximately 38 total rows/rounds).

    Decrease for crown of hat
    Round 39 (approximately), (MC): *K7, K2Tog, repeat from * to end of round (should have 63 sts at end of round)
    Round 40, (MC): *K6, K2Tog, repeat from * to end of round (54 sts)
    Round 41, (A): *K5, K2Tog, repeat from * to end of round (45 sts)
    Round 42, (A): *K4, K2Tog, repeat from * to end of round (36 sts)
    Round 43, (MC): *K3, K2Tog, repeat from * to end of round (27 sts)
    Round 44, (MC): *K2, K2Tog, repeat from * to end of round (18 sts)
    Round 45(A): *K1, K2Tog, repeat from * to end of round (9 sts)
    Finish as instructed above, using (A) to weave through and cinch your stitches. Be sure to secure and weave in the ends of both colors.

    Any questions or problems? Please feel free to contact me through Comments, the Contact Me link below, or thru Ravelry!

    (Easy Knit Man Hat PDF)

    Copyright WinePlz Creations, Colleen Rummel 2012. For personal use only. By using this pattern, you agree to use it only for your personal, non-commercial use. You many not distribute this pattern in any way, but you may sell items produced from the directions in this pattern.

    Backlogged Videos

    Posted By on February 2, 2011

    Realized that I forgot to post the pics and videos I took on Christmas. I’m also still finishing up some Christmas gifts. Sad, really. So here are some of the videos that have been on my camera.

    Christmas Eve:

    Nolan on the Piano from Colleen Rummel on Vimeo.

    Christmas Day:

    Christmas Morning 2010 from Colleen Rummel on Vimeo.

    A few weeks ago…Nolan in all his chubby cuteness:

    Nolan Laughs from Colleen Rummel on Vimeo.

    Gavin sledding last Thursday:

    Gavin sledding from Colleen Rummel on Vimeo.

    More sledding:

    Gavin and Cooper race on sleds from Colleen Rummel on Vimeo.

    and even more sledding (and where I make the baby cry):

    Nolan’s first sled ride from Colleen Rummel on Vimeo.

    Snow Day…a live blogging event

    Posted By on January 26, 2011

    8:15am – School is closed.  There’s a dusting on the ground and it’s presently raining…there better be a heckuva lot more snow by 3pm.

    less snow at the time of this pic then there was when I woke up 90 minutes prior

    9:00am – After dropping Cooper and Nolan off at daycare, stopped at the grocery store to get a Starbucks coffee and to load up on yogurt. Not bread, milk, or toilet paper (though those aisles were looking a little thin already). Just yogurt because my family eats it by the gallon and neglected to tell me that we were completely out, so you can imagine my morning when my six-year old and three-year old addicts couldn’t get their cultured-dairy fix. I’d dare to compare their behavior to that of crack-heads. Oh, and more rechargeable batteries for the Wii remotes (and Cooper’s flashlight). All items were on sale. Go me.

    10:25am – even the rain has stopped. The temperature is still hovering above freezing. Streets are merely a little wet, and I saw a salt truck driver sitting on the shoulder eating a breakfast sandwich and playing with his smartphone.

    11:40am – get this weather alert:
    “Weather Alert: National Weather Service: ‘Dangerous’ travel conditions during rush hour
    January 26, 2011 11:27:43 AM
    The National Weather Service (NWS) is warning drivers that a winter storm could create “dangerous” driving conditions during the evening rush hour.
    The NWS says the heavy snow will reduce visibilities below a quarter mile and snow could accumulate at times at a rate of 2 inches per hour. The Post’s Capital Weather Gang believes the heaviest snow will fall between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. tonight. Accumulations could top 8 inches in northern and western suburbs.”

    Also? Forgot that Gavin chose an obnoxious squeaky ball for the dogs while at the store, until he gave it to them just now. The ball was NOT on sale.

    1:05pm – nothing is coming out of the sky yet and it’s still only 34 degrees and doesn’t even smell like snow outside anymore. If the school system had simply called for an early dismissal for the Middle and Elementary schools (high schools were already scheduled to get out early due to exams), they would all be either getting home or getting ready to come home now. Instead, I have this six-year old who is eating me out of house and home, and a dog that keeps losing her obnoxious squeaky ball under the china cabinet behind me and is growling at me to retrieve it for her. Trying to gauge if I can talk Gavin into doing both addition AND subtraction flash cards to at least say he did something constructive instead of letting his brain rot in front of the TV. The crazy part is that they keep repeating over and over that we may get upwards of 6-10 inches of snow by tomorrow morning. I suspect the sky is constipated: it wants to snow but it can’t.

    Courtesy of

    1:45pm – I get a birthday present delivered from my sister-in-law:

    only redeeming quality is that this dude looks kinda cute

    I was all, “how sweet, she sent me a nice little gift!” and I open it and it’s a canvas photo of St. Louis Blues center, David Backes. So then I was all “what the hell??? That stinker!” Now I can say with absolute conviction that my kids get their stinker attitudes from their father’s side of the family, especially since Gavin pointed and laughed at me.
    Now this is a good non-stinker birthday gift (courtesy of my dad and stepmom):

    how ya like them apples?

    2:15pm – think I hear the cat chewing on his back nails.

    2:20pm – think to myself, “man, that cat is really gnawing on his nails!” then realize that I’m hearing sleet. Or frozen rain. Or hail. Or lets just go with “wintry mix”.

    3:15pm – snow has finally begun…nice, big, fat flakes. Wonder if we’ll actually get the obnoxious totals they’ve been putting up on the tv graphics. Guess time will tell.

    4:15pm – Snow is maybe at an inch. Wonder if the neighbors who share my driveway bought shovels since their only one broke while digging out one of their cars during last winter’s blizzard. I suspect I will be digging out their cars again, and I should probably clear the rest of my evening to take periodic drives in my truck up and down the drive so that they don’t get stuck and block me in. That’s not to say that I suspect we’ll get more snow than any of their sedans can handle, but it took me and a different neighbor to get them out of the drive because they don’t know how to drive in the snow, period. In fact, they only seem capable of getting stuck in the snow. Although, if one of them gets stuck again, I will definitely take pictures because I can sense it will be comedy gold.

    5:25pm – Two to three inches on the ground. I picked up kids, plopped them in front of the TV and shoveled. and shoveled. and shoveled some more. Cleared out a path a little wider than my wheelbase and over 40 yards long down my pipestem driveway, bitches! Know how I know it’s about 40 yards? Did ye olde 8-to-5 marching step. Thank you, band camp.
    Photos to follow.

    6:32pm – our county announces school will be closed tomorrow. First time all school year I’ve agreed with them. I also see an email from Gavin’s elementary school, time stamp of 5:25pm where they’re announcing school is closed TODAY. Feel free to mock.

    7:04pm – lights start flickering so I plug in my cell phone in case I need it. I warn kids about the chance of power outage, which prompts Gavin to ask, “so then no TV?” I explain again how there will be no TV, lights, music, heat, “or anything” if the power goes out. Cooper gets all serious and asks, “no plates, either?” It’s always about food with that boy.

    8:35pm – About four or five inches of incredibly wet snow on the ground. Kids are finally in bed and turned off most lights and powered items since the lights are still occasionally dimming and flickering. Contemplating shoveling again since it appears we still have a few hours of snow left in the system. I’m not certain that I want to re-shovel the 40-yard pipestem, but maybe I’ll at least re-shovel the deck and potty-spot for the dogs, and my immediate driveway.

    10:05pm – hear a lot of yelling outside and suspect our neighbor is stuck. I’m kind of right. Instead of the inexperienced-with-snow neighbors, it’s the jerks whose dog craps on my lawn & attacks my dogs, and they park on my pipestem like they own it without offering to help clear the snow, even when they saw me shoveling alone.
    Ten minutes later he’s still trying to get his pickup truck un-stuck from the snow I piled up in “his” parking spot while shoveling earlier. I admit I am full of all sorts of glee.

    Quotable Cooper

    Posted By on January 25, 2011

    Cooper is a smart little three year old. I’d like to think he’s the smartest I know, but realize I might be a bit biased so I’m willing to say he’s the second-smartest three year old, and is too smart for his own good. He’s very well-spoken and has really high verbal comprehension, so much so that he’s been mistaken for being older, though since he’s so short and still has a voice like Elmo, it throws people off and most of them think he’s just an overly precocious two year old. And while we’re pretty used to some of the gems that come out of his mouth, there are a few that I feel compelled to share.

    Scene: At his new daycare it’s naptime, but he doesn’t sleep so he usually has a book to look at while resting on his cot.

    Cooper: Ms. Andrea!
    Ms. Andrea: shhh Cooper! You need to be quiet. It’s naptime.
    Cooper: you need to come see this elephant!
    Ms. Andrea: Cooper, I asked you to be quiet!
    Cooper: and I asked you to come see this elephant!

    Scene: our bathroom, where Cooper is crumpled on the floor throwing a fit about brushing his teeth.

    Me: Cooper, stand up and brush your teeth.
    Cooper: (screaming and crying) No!
    Me: brush your teeth or else I will brush your teeth.
    Cooper: No! I don’t want to brush my teeth!
    Me: okay. Then I will brush your teeth.
    I stand him up and start brushing his teeth. He howls and cries and drools, and screams and spits toothpaste everywhere.
    Me: that’s enough! Stop crying or I’ll give you something to cry about!
    Cooper: (shrieking hysterically) No! I don’t wanna stop and I don’t want you to give me something to cry about!

    Something tells me I’m gonna be in a lot of trouble in ten or twelve years.