Happy Five Months, Nolan!

Where did the last three months go, because it seems that you should just be a little past two months old?  Oh, that’s right…I went back to work.  Amazing how fast time flies when you are too busy to sleep.

But I digress.

My little monkey pumpkin is now five months old and I can’t believe that it’s been that long.  His little personality is really starting blossom.  He has the most delightful smile an exhausted mother could ever want, and besides starting to sit, he has begun growling at me when he’s hungry, which I find hysterical.  It just never gets old, though I’m sure it’s his way of telling me to sit down and feed him.

He flirts with women, ignores little girls, but loves other babies of either gender.  He makes noises to get his daddy’s attention, is fascinated with all of the animals in the house, and has an extra special smile for his brothers, who are completely smitten with him as well.

Despite my struggles with the older boys when Justin leaves town, Nolan remains quite constant:  happy, curious, and surprisingly patient for a baby.  Either that, or he is too busy watching the circus going on around him to get overly worked up when his needs aren’t being met immediately.

They say parents don’t have favorites, but I’m not afraid to admit that Nolan is probably my favorite infant.  Don’t get me wrong, I adore all my kids, but Gavin, while also easygoing, was our first and we fretted so much about every little thing.  Cooper was our colicky Dr. Jeckyl/Mr. Hyde, who tested our limits.  So maybe a lot of the infant bliss is our level of parenting experience, or maybe it’s just our ultrasweet baby.


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I was wondering where you went 🙂
He definitely looks like the older two in that picture. I think it’s because he’s looking up, so you can really see the cheeks and chin. Will he get to wear the skunk costume for Halloween too?


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