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Starting Young

We start ’em off young on Legos around here.

Happy Five Months, Nolan!

Where did the last three months go, because it seems that you should just be a little past two months old?  Oh, that’s right…I went back to work.  Amazing how fast time flies when you are too busy to sleep. But I digress. My little monkey pumpkin is now five months old and I can’t […]

Happy Three Months!

As most parents say, hard to believe three months has already flown by, and I’m no exception.  However, I think I have missed being home with Nolan this past month even more than I did when I went back to work after Gavin and Cooper were born, and I think it is because Nolan will […]

Secret Sleep Formula

I understand the following post may cause a lot of you parents out there to hate us, but since this is partly doubling as a scrapbook, I’m going to post this anyways: Nolan is a good sleeper, and has been from Day 1. I’ll wait till you’re done cussing to continue. My theory is that […]

Bein’ Contrary

I swear he did that nasty scratch in the five minutes it took to call and make an appointment to get his portraits done. Stinker. He also has been on a bit of a nursing strike the past day and a half, and pooped in the tub during his bath today. Due to the velocity […]