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Backlogged Videos

Realized that I forgot to post the pics and videos I took on Christmas. I’m also still finishing up some Christmas gifts. Sad, really. So here are some of the videos that have been on my camera. Christmas Eve: Nolan on the Piano from Colleen Rummel on Vimeo. Christmas Day: Christmas Morning 2010 from Colleen […]

Starting Young

We start ’em off young on Legos around here.

Happy Five Months, Nolan!

Where did the last three months go, because it seems that you should just be a little past two months old?  Oh, that’s right…I went back to work.  Amazing how fast time flies when you are too busy to sleep. But I digress. My little monkey pumpkin is now five months old and I can’t […]

Happy Three Months!

As most parents say, hard to believe three months has already flown by, and I’m no exception.  However, I think I have missed being home with Nolan this past month even more than I did when I went back to work after Gavin and Cooper were born, and I think it is because Nolan will […]

Cooper and his Amazing, Exploding Ear!

Not for the faint of heart… Cooper, age three, not wanting to be outdone by younger brother, Nolan,  and his exploding butt, decided to up the ante.  Instead of just super-charging an existing bodily function, Cooper got incredibly creative and introduced a new bodily function that amazed not only his long-tenured daycare teachers, but also […]