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Secret Sleep Formula

I understand the following post may cause a lot of you parents out there to hate us, but since this is partly doubling as a scrapbook, I’m going to post this anyways: Nolan is a good sleeper, and has been from Day 1. I’ll wait till you’re done cussing to continue. My theory is that […]

Bein’ Contrary

I swear he did that nasty scratch in the five minutes it took to call and make an appointment to get his portraits done. Stinker. He also has been on a bit of a nursing strike the past day and a half, and pooped in the tub during his bath today. Due to the velocity […]

Nolan Smiles

And it was at me instead of the scrollwork on our headboard or the curtains in our living room. And I caught it on film. Or whatever it is on a camera phone. I’ve been trying for about a week to catch one of these elusive smiles that aren’t performed for inanimate objects or the […]

Eats, Sleeps, and Shoots Poop

As with most babies, it takes a little time to learn their likes and dislikes, and to start guessing at what talents they may have as the grow. With Gavin, he instantly enjoyed music and was singing complex songs before he was actually speaking well. Cooper appeared to be on-course to be a brilliant comedian […]

Chubbin’ Up

As you can see, we’re starting to fill in that empty second chin Nolan was born with.