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Nolan’s Birth Story

Wow…has it already been over two three weeks since Nolan was born? I know I’ve been deep within the post-partum fog, but it seems that time has flown even faster with all the breast feeding, the bilirubin tests, matching Nolan to orange and yellow paint samples, and people in the house helping out. Justin usually […]

Welcome to the World, Ayla!

I’d like to welcome Kari and Dave’s newest bundle of joy, Ayla Kathleen: Little Ayla (only a mere 7lbs, 1oz, and 19-1/2 inches) came into the world yesterday evening, just as all of the rest of us were finishing dinner. Congrats to both Kari (who did all the hard work), Dave (who took all our […]

Cooper Turns Two

I’m not sure where to start on last weekend, but I think I will leave the bulk of the weekend to another post and focus on the main highlight of the weekend: Cooper’s Second birthday. Yep, last Sunday, my little Bubba turned two and we celebrated with a Blue’s Clues theme birthday party. Come to […]

Today Was Brought to You by the Letters T and W, and by the Number 8

This morning it took me 8 minutes of Wrestling a Whiney, Tantruming Toddler in order to brush his Teeth. Eight minutes! (I almost called him a Two year old, but uh, at the rate he’s going, he may not make it till Sunday.) I lost my Temper about 8 times this morning, too, due to […]