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Letters While Driving 8

Dear Smelly 1984 Mazda In Front of Me at the Toll Booth: I totally get that you are saving a lot of money by owning a car older than you. And I’m sure that you think you’re saving on gas by driving a small car, but whatever you’re saving in gas is being spent on […]

Shopping Addictions and Thank Yous

I’ve been VERY negligent in acknowledging the cute bloggy bling that Karen from The Rocking Pony gave me a few weeks ago.  Just got busy with the trip and sick kids and, well, you know how time seems to slip away from you.  So a big overdue thank you to Karen for bestowing this lovely […]

Letters While Driving 7

Aw…Thanks for the nice compliments about my hair…you gals are all so sweet! And yes, Justin does have his redeeming moments…yesterday morning just happened to be one of them and I was feeling warm and fuzzy enough from the coffee to mention it. Now if he could’ve reminded me (1) before dinner, (2) after dinner, […]

Letters While Driving 6

Yes, I am a bit ill-mannered today…after a rough week of unfulfilling issues at work (hate when I just can’t get things fixed), bad traffic, severe sleep deprivation, and crabby kids, I was not about to put up with people’s crappy driving. Dear Effing Sniggy B**** in the White Yaris: I understand that where you […]

Letters While Driving 5–A Pictorial

Some of you may remember where I wrote a letter to my fellow Virginia drivers imploring them to get an EZ-Pass/Smart Tag. Well here is the pictorial equivilent of a “strongly worded, single-spaced letter of complaint”. HEY!!!! GET A FRIGGIN’ EZ-PASS, YA LOSER!!! OH CRAP! Since when does an officer stand right next to the […]