Letters While Driving 7

Aw…Thanks for the nice compliments about my hair…you gals are all so sweet! And yes, Justin does have his redeeming moments…yesterday morning just happened to be one of them and I was feeling warm and fuzzy enough from the coffee to mention it. Now if he could’ve reminded me (1) before dinner, (2) after dinner, (3) before I ran out to the store at 8:30pm last night, (4) after I arrived home at 9:45pm last night, (5) before or after I made the baby’s bottles, or (6) anytime before 10:30pm that he still needed some white socks, I would totally let him off the hook. But um, getting a reminder at 10:30pm when I’m going to bed for the first time in weeks before 11:30pm was not cool. Especially since he does have the knowledge and physical capacity to start his own load of white socks and t-shirt and could’ve had them nearly done by the time I arrived home from the store. But instead, I got the “um, I still need white socks.” I look at him blankly, thinking, “is he FOR REAL? He’s kidding, right? I’m gonna open the laundry room and see that he did his own socks and is just teasing me.” Nope. So I start a small load of socks and t-shirts for him, then sit up reading until the washer finishes somewhere around 11:15pm, throw the clothes in the dryer, and go to bed at 11:22pm. And I better not hear one joke about that I actually did get to bed before 11:30pm because those 8 minutes do not mean crap in my book.

About an hour later, I hear Cooper up whining and talking to himself. I pull the covers over my head and will him back to sleep. No dice. He keeps talking and moaning and whining. Finally around 1:30am, after he’s had a good hour of entertaining me, he gets annoyed and decides he’s hungry. I get up, feed him, rock him for a while (he seemed really restless and I was not willing to bring him back to my bed), and got back to bed around 2:20am. I was not a happy camper this morning. Which is why I’m still whining instead of giving you some snarky letters to my fellow DC-area drivers. Okay. I’ll shut up now and not get into the conspiracy theory I have about Cooper changing alliances and now partnering with Justin in his attempt to keep me ridiculously sleep deprived. Just please excuse me if you hear any yawning or overt B-n-M (bitching-n’-moaning…not to be confused with BM, which is a nice way of say “poop”).

Dear Cancer Cultivator in the Silver Prius:

We have a lot of you little “green” cars around here. And I love it. I love that all of you have gone out and bought your hybrids for the sake of the Earth and your gas budgets. Virginia loves it so much that they give you cool “Clean Fuel” license plates and allow you the privilege of driving in the HOV lane by yourself! What I don’t love is that while I’m behind you in my little car, you are chain-smokin’ like a man on death row! I actually saw you light your new cigarette with the old one! (please, I’m crabby, no remarks about how close I was driving at 60+mph) The traffic wasn’t even all that bad…I’d hate to see what you do when there’s an accident and they close down 3 lanes. I am of the belief that all the smoke you had billowing out of your car windows completely negated your hybrid vehicle and that you should be banished to the regular travel lanes where the 30mph speed more warrants your anxiety-ridden chain-smoking.


A Concerned (about my lungs) Driver

Dear Clueless Lady in the Red Jimmy:

Please, please, please, for the love of all that is sacred and holy (and whole), get your brake-lights fixed. You have to be aware from all the chronic brake-screeching behind you that you lack any sort of warning lights letting drivers behind you know that you are slowing down. I’m sure the gentleman in the Nissan between us would agree since he very nearly climbed into your back-seat. At first, I thought that maybe this was a new issue and you might possibly be on your way to get your brake lights repaired this very instance until I noticed that besides having expired license plates, your state inspection tag appears to be a bit over-due as well, meaning that more than likely you been having a great ol’ time watching in your rear-view mirror as the drivers behind you bug their eyes out in panic at your quick stops, like at that light where it just turned yellow as you approached the intersection. Any TRUE Virginia driver will tell you that you can run 6 or 7 cars through the intersection AFTER it’s turned red. Stopping is just a suggestion, not a requirement. And in your case, you (and the rest of us driving behind you) would be better off if you did run a few stale yellow (or even red) lights once in a while.

Kindest Regards,

A Concerned (about my front bumper) Driver

Dear Very Important Parent at my Sons’ Daycare:

I appreciate that you are in a hurry to get to your job and that the rest of us are simply schmucks. I understand that your need to park improperly supercedes any of the rest of us who need to park to drop off our children, because you are a VIP. I totally get it that I was out of line by getting out of my vehicle and trying to retrieve my baby from his carseat in the backseat while you were in the building and not-yet-in-your-car. So in light of your VIPness, I hope you appreciate the scratch down the side of your car from when you opted to walk out of the building, smile at me, hop in your car, start it up, and put it in reverse while I was still retrieving my child from my car. That scratch was a special gift from my car door to you. I guess I should also thank you for allowing me to quickly slam my back door and hop around behind my car before you popped off your passenger-side mirror and/or slammed my own door on my baby and me. That was incredibly decent of you and I hope you saw the gracious words of thanks coming from my lips.

Warmest Thoughts,

A Glad (to be alive? to have my car paid-off? to not have my baby caught in the car door like a white t-shirt? ) Driver


Hope everyone has a blessed Good Friday and a Lovely Easter!

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Burgh Baby's Mom

I am quickly learning to appreciate that we do not drive on the same roads. The fact that you were close enough to see the chain-smoking event? Means you were too close. You so scary!

I guess if you were getting a bit more sleep, you might be chippier. Maybe.


Yes, I’m a close driver sometimes, but you have to admit those little Priuses have a lot of open window space and you can practically see their radio station settings from 10 feet away.
As for being chippier? That’s a BIG maybe! šŸ˜‰


The washer story pulled me in. I seriously wonder if my husband actually has the ability to do laundry. And then when he ran out of scrubs the other week I sat up until midnight washing because the dryer shuts off all by itself just for kicks. I have to open the door, close it again, and push the button several times to get it to start back up. So drying takes an hour of baby-sitting the machine. And after all that? He got up and wore a too-small pair because he didn’t know they were neatly laundered and folded in the basket at the bottom of the bed. He was asleep while that went on. MEN!!!

Law Student Hot Mama

Ok, so with your non-functional brake lights post? I actually hit somebody from behind because they were stopped and didn’t have functional brake lights . . . and while I wasn’t cited for anything, MY STUPID INSURANCE WENT UP! Really pissed me off.

Anyway, just thought I’d share.


You have got to be the nicest person in the world to stay up and do your husband’s laundry. I would have handed my hubby a pair of my white socks and my kid’s white socks and said if this doesn’t work, do your own laundry.

Do all men have a deep seeded fear of machines smaller than a car engine? I know mine is in that camp…doesn’t know how to use washer, dryer, dishwasher…. UGH!

Tootsie Farklepants

I must say that driving close is popular in VA. It’s popular in Los Angeles too but we’re always stuck in traffic so it’s all a lot slower.

I hope scratching that woman’s car didn’t do any damage to your own. Because I think it’s awesome that it happened to her.

Happy Easter!


Karen & CapeCod, you’re right, men and laundry just do not mix!
Hot Momma, that totally stinks…hope that other guys insurance went up (if they even had insurance).
Tootsie…don’t know if you’ve driven in DC much but when we’re driving 60 or 70mph right on top of each other, it’s usually right before the traffic grinds to a screeching halt. Considering how small DC-metro area is, we have generally held steady at third worst traffic in the nation.


Oh too funny. I can’t lie. Mine does laundry, but he doesn’t understand the delicate nature of my clothes. But, who the heck am I to complain????

Any time I go back home (absolutely LOVE city traffic in DEEEEtroit) my nerves are instantly on edge. From moms in their HUGE SUVs (I don’t get why you need one that big in the city, but, whatever) to teens in their street racers . . . the fun just never ends.

Hope you had a wonderful Easter . . .


This is so funny. But I gotta tell you, my hubs does the laundry too – “cause I “accidently” made all his shirts pink one day. Now he thinks he can do it MUCH better than I can. And who an I to disillusion him?
Hope you had a lovely Easter.


oh, and I should add…NOT A MARK on my little car from where that knucklehead backed-up while my door was lightly resting against his car.


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