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A Cavalier Attitude and Giveaway Results

Hey there. Sorry I’m late on the giveaway results. But I had a good reason: My little Chevy Cavalier got a flat tire on my way home to cook Justin’s birthday steak dinner last night…you know, cuz having a still-busted catalytic converter and a “check-engine” light on all the time wasn’t enough. I was waiting […]

Weiner Rear-Ends Dump Truck

No. This is not some perverted euphemism (although you know I’d be laughing at it). I was on my way to drop off Cooper and was coming up to this stoplight at the bottom of the off-ramp, and saw flashing lights from a cop car. As I got closer to the intersection, I saw on […]

One Strange Day

I almost put “Three Strange Days” like the School of Fish song…but so far it’s only been one strange day. If it continues another two, then we’ll revisit. Today started like any other day…got up around 6:30am, gave Cooper his cup of formula, let the dogs out, started the coffee, jumped in the shower, and, […]

Letters While Driving 8

Dear Smelly 1984 Mazda In Front of Me at the Toll Booth: I totally get that you are saving a lot of money by owning a car older than you. And I’m sure that you think you’re saving on gas by driving a small car, but whatever you’re saving in gas is being spent on […]

The Chase

Or Where I Thought Anthony Kiedis and Flea Were Behind Me on My Commute to Work Below, from my camera phone on my way to work: …and from "The Chase": You can imagine my disappointment to see 3 Latinos crammed in where Anthony and Flea ought’a be. So since I’m sleep-deprived and grouchy, let’s see […]