One Strange Day

I almost put “Three Strange Days” like the School of Fish song…but so far it’s only been one strange day. If it continues another two, then we’ll revisit.

Today started like any other day…got up around 6:30am, gave Cooper his cup of formula, let the dogs out, started the coffee, jumped in the shower, and, this is where things got weird: even managed to do a face-mask AND shave while showering. Got out, heard Cooper chirping quietly in his bed, dried my hair and it turned out good right away (what?), could tell that Cooper dozed back off, did my make-up including lipstick (gasp!), got dressed and looked cute with the first items I put on (huh?), and even put on jewelry…and by putting on jewelry I mean more than just my watch and rings. I know I sell jewelry, but in the last 8 or so months it’s been nearly impossible to get up early enough to get ready, let alone coordinate some jewelry with my outfit, even though I have gobs and gobs of Cookie Lee jewelry at my disposal. I put on some cute-but-halfway-sensible heels, grab the baby and head out the door…without having to pull back into the drive to run back in the house for something.

Like I said…strange.

So I drop off Cooper, zoom off to work, get there and while my boss is out the whole week on vacation, one of my co-workers is off today and my other co-worker is there negotiating working from home with our director because something came up at his home. He leaves minutes after I arrive. Since everyone is out, all the weirdos I don’t usually deal with start finding me…of course the company is very large and most of these weirdos are out-of-state. I go to the kitchen and don’t run into anyone. Go to the ladies room and do not see anyone on my trip there or back, or in the restroom.

I go out to McDonald’s to get my supersized extra value meal number one (that would be a Big Mac, Large Fries, and Large Sweet Tea). I was a little stressed with things getting thrown at me in the absence of my team and needed the carbs, fat, and sodium to cope. I run to the bank, then go back to work…neither on my way out or back in did I run into anyone. I went to the kitchen again and didn’t see anyone. There I was, dressed all cute, with nice hair, lipstick, and jewerly, including a necklace that fluttahs…not flutters, mind you, but fluttahs…when you walk (or me, since I was wearing it), and did.not.see.anyone.

Fluttuh Necklace

See the fluttah necklace? Of course you can’t…I’m not moving in a still photo so you can’t actually see it fluttah…but take my word for it…it fluttahs as I move!

I walk out to the lobby and it is POURING! I had no idea it was going to pour so I didn’t bring in my umbrella from the car. And I was parked pretty far from the door. And I was weighed down with my laptop, purse, lunchbag (previously held my snack), travel mug, Sweet Tea cup (rocket fuel for the commute home), and my moster-sized cluster of keychains. I shuffled as fast as I could hobble in wet heels and all my freight…which wasn’t very fast. Seems my cuteness was to be quickly replaced with wet ratness. Especially since by the time I got about 5 miles west, the ground was completely dry. As was the ground at daycare…so I got to look especially strange and wet when it was sunny and not a drop of rain to be found when going in the building to fetch Cooper.

Another strange note? On the radio on the way home, I got to hear “Your Woman” by White Town…haven’t heard that song on a radio since college. And if you know what song I’m talking about, you’ll probably agree because it is quite the odd song…

Back in the car again and I call Justin to walk him through starting dinner. Gavin answers the phone and tells me he had no accidents today (yay!!!…we sometimes have a problem because we wait too long to run for the bathroom…no, I don’t actually have the problem, but it’s a force of habit to talk about my child in the plural nominative case). He also informs me he has a boo-boo on his knee but he’s okay because he got a band-aid. I just started laughing. Then I asked “can I talk to Daddy, please?” and he passes the phone to Justin saying “Mommy wants to talk to you. She say ‘can I talk to Daddy?'” I hear Justin ask, “did she say ‘please’?” and my good boy replied, “yes…she say ‘please’.” I’ve never had that sort of discussion with him over the phone. Usually he loses interest after 10 seconds.

We get home and don’t fight with Gavin to eat his dinner. Cooper only gags once on his dinner. Justin made dinner. Gavin didn’t fight about getting out of the tub. The list of strangeness goes on and on. One of the strangest is that Cooper adopted a 2-inch piece of Take-Along Thomas track off of Gavin’s train table and refused to give it up. Yes. I put my 11-month old to bed with his highly coveted piece of plastic railroad track. Anyone else’s kid have a stranger woobie/lovey than that?
Take Along to Bed Track

(picture is stolen from http://www.AllAboardToys.com. They have some of the best collections of collector-toys…go check ’em out!)

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Tootsie Farklepants

My oldest used to carry around a little orange building block sticking out of his mouth. And sometimes the little plastic cow from his Little People farm set.


I am SO GLAD you wrote all of this down! There will be a day, not far in the future, when you will need to go back and read this for validation. Make sure the day really happened.

Yay for a fluttah-ing necklace! You look HAWT, as Tranny would say. ๐Ÿ™‚


“wet ratness,” “Justin made dinner,” and “plastic railroad tracks” as a woobie. Just some of the things that stood out.

Oh, and the super cute pic of you. So stylish . . . I’m leaving HAWT for Tranny . . . oh, and FLEA! ๐Ÿ™‚

Burgh Baby

I think that just made me dizzy! OK, so, it was a good hair/shower/makeup/clothes/shoe/jewelery day? SWEET!


Okay so that WAS a strange day. I’m kind of jealous that you had such a good day. And I have always noticed on the days that I am looking uber cute that NO one is arround to see me. ๐Ÿ™
You looked hawt! And yay for mcd’s sweet tea!


Isn’t that always the case? The days you look fabulous, there’s no one around to notice!


Holy Crap, I didn’t know you were capable of eating a BigMac and Large Fry in one sitting – you’re too tiny for all that to fit inside you!


I can’t even remember how I stumbled upon your blog, but I had to say two quick things…we have the same rug as you, and my daughter was born on 7/12/07 too!! I am sure we will be fast friends since we have so much in common : )


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