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On Baby Watch

I already announced this on Facebook the other day and would’ve here as well, but I’ve gotten lazy. Wednesday morning I had my 37 week check-up. My weight was good (36 pounds gained), my blood pressure was good (110/75), even my pee was good (no sugar and very little protein)! The doctor asked about contractions, […]

So Where Was I?

Oh yeah, I was pregnant. Correction. I still am. And largely so, it seems. According to Baby Center, I’m 18 weeks. I tend to lose track until I get that weekly update from them telling me what food item my baby now compares to: “your baby is now the size of a blueberry!”, “your baby […]

Just Some Thoughts

because I’m too tired to pull together a cohesive post today. And I just realized it’s been a week since my last post and most likely I have a “don’t be a slacker” email from BlogHer Ads in my Inbox. Or will if I don’t get this posted. ******************** Thank you to everyone for your […]

Adventures in Lawn Care

Not to get off-topic right away (is it really off-topic when I haven’t started?), but I’m relieved to see that out of the 12 votes on my poll, none were for pepper-spraying me at BlogHer. However, I suspect that Justin is responsible for all five votes for “it sounds like a rash”. Such a supportive […]

We Take a Break from Our Regularly Scheduled Post

I actually had a relatively well-crafted post in my head. I mean, most of it was pics from Gavin’s party, but hey, it was still better than my posts have been for the past several months. So I was saying I had something planned. But then life just caught up with me. After being off […]