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Memorial Weekend Wrap-Up

Golly…where do I start? We had an incredibly busy weekend! On Friday, I worked from home so that I could bring Cooper to a checkup for his ears. After the doctor cleaned out what looked like half a slice of pizza out of Coop’s ears, we collected our stickers and headed home for a dinner […]

Birthday Planning with an Almost Five Year Old

Me: Hey Gavin, it’s your birthday soon. What kind of birthday do you want? Gavin: I want a Batman birthday! Me: Okay. So you don’t want a Wolverine cake anymore? Gavin: Um…how ’bout you put Batman next to Wolverine and that will be my cake? Me: Well, you can’t really do that, buddy. Gavin: why? […]

Mother’s Day 2009

I hope all of you moms out there had an absolutely smashing mother’s day! I know mine this year was quite a step-up from years past because: it didn’t rain. In fact, it was the first time in the past ten days or so that it didn’t rain even the tiniest littlest drop. it didn’t […]

Who’d Like Some Tea?

I don’t know about you, but watching our government spend our money, our children’s money, our grandchildren’s money, their grandchildren’s money is kinda getting annoying. Being a fiscal conservative, I wasn’t always thrilled about the spending going on during the Bush administration, particularly last fall’s stimulus bill. Ask my husband or co-workers, I ranted and […]

I’d Rather Be Waterboarding

Not sure if it’s hit you northern folks yet, but Spring has sprung in the DC-area: the birds are singing and playing in my backyard, “our” mourning doves have returned, the hyacinths are scenting the air with their sweet fragrance, the apple blossoms are beginning to bud, and Ginger has already had her first tick […]