Memorial Weekend Wrap-Up

Golly…where do I start? We had an incredibly busy weekend!

On Friday, I worked from home so that I could bring Cooper to a checkup for his ears. After the doctor cleaned out what looked like half a slice of pizza out of Coop’s ears, we collected our stickers and headed home for a dinner of, what else? Pizza.

On Saturday, we woke up, stuck Gavin in front of a movie and tried to doze back off (partly because I over did it on the wine the night before). Then I remembered it was the 23rd. And that we were meeting with Caramama, her family, and some other fine folks for a bloggy meetup at the Play Cafe. At the Play Cafe it has a play area, like a fast-food restaurant, and a ton of smaller toys, like you have all over your house. You strip your kid of their shoes and shove them in the play area where someone else watches them while you sit on the other side of the half-wall sipping coffee and snacking on any of their delectable food offerings. Seriously, their food looked pretty good (I mistakenly ate breakfast prior to our arrival). We were there a good two or two-and-a-half hours before we had to leave to get Cooper home and in bed. The kids had a BLAST, and Justin and I really enjoyed our time chatting with the other parents. It was nice to get away from the house for a few hours and do something fun, instead of clean or grocery shop.

Once we got Cooper into bed, we went outside and started on some yard work. I started by getting angry at these pretty, red, PRICKLY shrubs, and yanked both of them out. The darn things need to be pruned usually twice a year, and I never come out unscathed, despite wearing protective gloves and clothes. I figured if I was going to get scratched up, it was going to be for a good reason, and would be for the last time. Then I yanked out two lavender plants that died over the winter. After that we did a lot of edging, reshaping our flowerbeds, then topped it off by grilling some ribs for dinner. They tasted fantastic, but I was so worn out, that it was all I could do to keep my head up while eating. After getting the kids to bed, we crashed early.

Thankfully on Sunday the kids slept in until sometime after 8am. Justin however, didn’t, and woke me up to say “hey, it’s 8am”. All I could think was “if the kids aren’t up, or you don’t have a big ol’ latte in your hands, why on earth are you waking me up?”

After a lazy breakfast, we left for church. Afterwards, I terrorized my family by making them go to Costco with me (since I knew they’d be closed for the holiday). Once Coop was in bed, we did more yard work (I replaced those two prickly bushes with two “sturdy” azaleas, and did MORE edging). Then we went to Eric and Andrea’s to grill with everyone. The kids ran themselves silly, Cooper added at least 6 more scrapes to his body, and we got to watch a fun game of 3-on-3 touch football between some of us and some of the neighbors.

Today was just more yard work…at least for us. We turned on the sprinkler for the boys to keep them out of our hair, since the sidewalk chalk, ride-on toys, balls, and other random toys were not interesting enough. During Cooper’s nap, I finished up the last bit of edging before Justin chased me inside to make me help him with bringing both our couch and love seat down our curved stairs to the basement. Somehow we did it, though I suspect we’ll be sore in the morning. Now? Now I get to finish up the laundry I let pile up.

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OH! Waking me up to tell me that the kids are still sleeping is SO something my husband would do! It sounds like you had a very productive weekend – especially in the way of yardwork – and that you will have lots to enjoy this summer!


We had so much fun too! It was great to see you guys again. And I loved that place! I wish it was closer to my house, cause I’d go all the time!

Azaleas are beautiful and not prickly. I think it was a good choice to get the prickly bushes out and replace with azaleas!


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