SPAM, it’s not just for MREs

I was getting ready to post some great pearl of widsom (read: same ol’ whiney stuff) when I realized I hadn’t cleared out my spam comments in a couple weeks. Seems that over Memorial Day weekend, the comment spammers found extra time on their hands and added over 500 spam comments in those three days. Most of them on this post, so I’ve been forced to close comments on my older posts, which took quite a bit of effort, considering how technically illiterate and lazy I am.
The worst part is that since my spam filter occasionally snags a legit comment from one of my lovely readers, I felt compelled to skim through all 630 of them that had accumulated in just over 12 days so that I didn’t inadvertantly delete a real comment. While I was glad that no real comment was hiding in there, I was really irritated with how many bazillion spam comments there were regarding drugs for men (or couples?) suffering from E.D. I’m not typing that specific dysfunction since it’s only going to invite more spam, but lets just say those three drugs that start with V, C, or L sure seem to be selling like hotcakes on the interwebs.
Which brings me to my question, are there really THAT many men with that issue?…because with the amount of related spam I find in all my email boxes, it makes me think every man on the planet is afflicted. Or are those pills used less for medical reasons and more for um, eh, cosmetic reasons? You know, like botox…
Your thoughts???

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I myself haven’t had that problem, count ’em six (soon to be seven) kids!! So obviously something is working. 🙂


There are all kinds of reasons, I think, for this problem. One I’m aware of is drugs for depression, and probably other drugs whose side effects make the action difficult, if not nearly impossible. So take another drug to counteract that drug. Smaaaart.


Apparently there is a huge market for those pills for recreational usage. I have told Mr. Fishstick more than once that if he ever gets the bright idea to give one a try he will be the guy going to the emergency room for ‘a stiffy lasting longer than 4 hours’ because I will be doing nothing to help him out of the situation. Seriously . . . the 5 minutes that it is up is just fine, and after 4 kids, clearly overkill.

Wife of the Year – send the award right over.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

I think there is huge money in penis problems. Apparently a lot of men have penis problems.

Just think if the drug companies spent some of that mass marketing money on more research.


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