We Take a Break from Our Regularly Scheduled Post

I actually had a relatively well-crafted post in my head. I mean, most of it was pics from Gavin’s party, but hey, it was still better than my posts have been for the past several months.

So I was saying I had something planned. But then life just caught up with me.

After being off a week to spend time with my family, including my mom and step-dad that drove in, I was anticipating a rough Monday back, but the kids and I got actually got out the door on-time, and with minimal fuss, considering Cooper’s working on not only his eye-teeth, but it appears his two-year old molars as well, at least what I could see from his screaming mouth for the past four days.

I get to work in a decent amount of time and since I worked a few hours last week, my email wasn’t too out of control.

But then the PMS crept up on me and slapped me with a ridiculous headache and I started feeling inexplicably fragile and helpless, as I do nearly every month. I talked to Justin during his lunch break at his latest assignment in Texas and I realized I have no idea what time he’s flying home this weekend and he didn’t know either. He was too busy to dig through his emails to check, and I didn’t have his airline login to just look it up myself.

As the day wore on, my headache refused to let up and I started to feel sore and realized last night as the kids and I left Dave and Kari’s that I completely twisted my back and strained several muscles in my arms, shoulders, and legs while trying to pick up Cooper to leave. He fought against me so hard to not leave that I actually got hurt trying to keep him from hurting himself.

I got the kids, got home, where Cooper, still having a rough day, fought with me through dinner, getting ready for bed, and going to bed (the sleep regression, his first, really, has been going on over a week). Each time I had to pick him up and he fought against me, I tweaked my back a little more, to the point where my eyes pricked with tears from the pain and frustration. Then he stood roaring and bellowing in his crib for over half and hour (I’d go in there after lengthening periods of time to remind him it was time to sleep), which really rattles your nerves after a while. Add to it that while trying to share some awful news regarding a life-long family friend, I found myself bickering with Justin. I’m not sure how it started, but after how I’d been feeling the last several hours, it was the last thing I wanted or needed.

I am just hoping that tomorrow will be better.

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Is it possible that we are living parallel lives separated by just a few miles? Okay, well, you got it worse, because my hubby is not travelling. But still. It sounded much like my day.


Funny how Cooper and Meghan are both working on the same teeth. I wish we lived closer, so I could help make those days alittle easier.


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