Pics from Gavin’s Epic Birthday

Due to having all of our family out of town, most of our Christmas and birthday gifts are mailed. So Gavin got a gift from Justin’s sister, Jen, and her family early in the week, so he opened it on the morning of his birthday along with a few small gifts from us (since Justin left town that night):

Then he got one from my cousin, Jill, and her family on Wednesday night:

Then a gift arrived from Justin’s parents on Thursday:

Then my mom and stepdad arrived late Friday night and he got to open more Saturday morning before his party:

Then he had his Chick-Fil-A party on Saturday afternoon:

And Saturday night we gave him his first bike:

He also received a gift from my dad and stepmom, but he doesn’t get to open it until they come out to visit. In the meantime, he’s been looking for it, so we told him we’re keeping it on the roof until they arrive.

And you know what? That child still has the audacity to continue to ask for more presents!

This one is because I needed to show how freakishly strong Cooper is…he’s pushing a Power Wheels with Gavin in it and Gavin’s NOT pressing the accelerator:

And here he’s pulled off the vent cover…just because he could:

I swear my house has been taken over by pirates:

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Those are some happy, happy boys! Geesh, they grow up way, way too fast. I’m so cliche. JR loves Chick Fil A! The only “nuggets” he’ll eat. Heck, one of the few foods he’ll eat! Happy Birthday to you little man!


Oy. That is how presents go at our house as well . . . the postal service delivers one-a-day for awhile, leading Cooper to believe that he should get a present in the mail everyday (which he will ask for). It makes him sound SO greedy, and it drives me nuts! The boys are so handsome and getting so big!

(And we have a lot of grate removal at our house as well . . . and we have fed many, many puzzle pieces to the ducts thanks to little arms that can reach a whole lot farther than Mommy’s arm!)


Dude. He got Woody for his birthday. We are three shades of jealous over here, and very happy for that boy of yours. It’s about time. ๐Ÿ˜‰


What fun! That’s a birthday for ya! My new 12 year old is still getting presents in the mail and loving it!

Grandpa Rummel

Great pics Colleen. You almost make us feel that we were there. Thanks!


HA! I love the shot of Cooper and the dog looking into the floor vent. You can almost see the question marks over their heads. ๐Ÿ˜‰
And I guess so he’s asking for more presents! Hahaha! How cool is that? getting gifts all spread out like that? You’re going to have to call it the birthday week from now on and not just the birthday!


Great pics! So, did they drop something down that vent, that may come back to haunt you all later. ๐Ÿ™‚


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