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Saturday was Gavin’s birthday party, and despite our earlier discussions regarding birthday themes we went with a pirate theme, which was easier, and I think, a lot more fun than Batman or Wolverine. I mean, do either of those guys run around saying stuff like “arrgghhh!! where’s me booty?”

Okay. Gavin wouldn’t say it either, but I said it a lot. And I hadn’t been drinking since we hosted his party at the new Chick-Fil-A. While slightly hectic for a short time since I didn’t know any of the parents of the party attendees except for one set (because we went to his party a few months back), it actually turned out well and was a lot of fun. And definitely a lot easier than hosting nine other rambunctious children and their parents at my house. The kids ran amuck in the play area, they nibbled at fries and nuggets, gulped down a ton of fruit punch, ate some ice cream, and got crazy during the opening of the presents. Everyone had a wonderful time, which was the important part.

After partying like a chicken…or a cow…our usual group of the Williams and Zdanowskis joined us and my parents at our house to grill and give Gavin his bike. Which we don’t have pics of for some reason. So you’ll just have to believe me until I can get some pics. Since I’m off work, you’d think I’d have done that by now, but uh, no. I’d hate to overachieve like that. And plus, it’s much easier to blame Justin for not capturing the moment since it’s his job. He did do a great job of capturing pics from the party at Chick-Fil-A, however he took the camera with him on his 10-day trip and has not forwarded any to me. So I will be owing you fine readers a lot of pics in the next few days.

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That sounds like a ton of fun! Especially the pirate theme. When we ask the Pumpkin, “What does a pirate say?” she answers, “Arrrrr, matey!” It’s hysterical.

Chik-fil-a sounds like a great place for a party! (Unfortunately, we discovered that they cook using peanut oil, so until we know for sure that the Pumpkin doesn’t have a peanut allergy, we can’t go there. Her appointment with the allergist is late July. Wish us luck, because I love Chik-fil-a!)


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