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because I’m too tired to pull together a cohesive post today. And I just realized it’s been a week since my last post and most likely I have a “don’t be a slacker” email from BlogHer Ads in my Inbox. Or will if I don’t get this posted.


Thank you to everyone for your concern and well-wishes regarding my brief experience as Elastigirl. My shoulders (and neck, upper-back, and arms) have slowly gotten better. Especially with the help of a lot of Advil. It may or may not include other additives.


I suspect that today in DC was actually hotter than Hell. With 90 degree temps and humidity so high you could practically see the water droplets in the air, I do believe we were hotter, since I seem to recall reports that while it’s hot in Hell, it’s a dry heat.
After spending some time in Sierra Vista, AZ, in June many years ago, where it was 120 dry degrees in the shade, I can honestly say I didn’t feel hot. I was near mummified, but not actually hot. However, today, I seriously thought I was going to melt into the pavement as I walked the 20 yards from my office to my truck. Which led me to thinking that maybe the parking lot isn’t patched with tar, but Virginians that have melted in the oppressive heat, ala Judge Doom or the Wicked Witch of the West.


So what do y’all think of Brett Favre signing with the Vikings? Frankly I could care less which team he signed with, but I have since anointed him as The Most Annoying Non-Retiring Athlete. Granted, I think Michael Jordan came back from retirement more often, but uh, well, I don’t recall him showing up at his un-retirement press conferences after signing a $25M deal looking like Larry the Cable Guy.

(Favre is all “suns out, guns out” at about 1:16 in the video)

Update: per Wikipedia, Jordan also retired twice. Guess we’ll see in two years if Favre breaks the tie.

I am actually going on vacation next week!
Despite all my bitterness towards Justin’s chronic travel schedule for work, the one itty-bitty, tiny, silver lining is that he racked up enough hotel points for us to stay here for five nights for free!!!! Breakfast is included, and there’s a kitchen in the suite, so we can also keep our other meal costs down. I have big plans of slathering on sunscreen and playing on the beach with my kids all day, every day. I’m hoping we can go watch the dolphins, or the Aquarium. But otherwise? Doing NOTHING!
Now, how do I successfully hide Justin’s iPhone without tossing it into the toilet or the Atlantic? I’m open to ideas…

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I couldnt help but notice as the pictures of your nice suite flashed by that there is a mirror over the kitchen sink. Now is that for you to see how miserable you look washing dishes or to ensure you still look pretty while washing dishes? Im not really sure…

Melisa with one s

I don’t really care much about Brett Favre but can’t stand athletes who retire and then make comebacks. Another example is Lance Armstrong. Blah.

Have a great time on vacay! And wave hi to my old house; we used to live in Norfolk! 🙂


WOOHOO for vacation! I hope you have an awesome time! (And I so feel you on the phone . . . I am about *this close* to ‘accidently’ pushing hubby’s Crackberry into the toilet – which is where it has to sit when he is in the shower, least he miss something.)


Yay for vacation! I can’t wait to see the pictures! As for the iphone – maybe you can hide it in the place where toilet paper is stocked. I’ve found that men often seem to be mystified about that particular location… Or else, hide it with the laundry! Their domestic education seems to fall short of that area too… 🙂


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